Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steiny and Stevie Meet Face to Face!

Looks like Tiger's former caddy and still current agent are ready to fight it out in the parking lot at the PGA Championship!

Big hat tip to for posting this, and the comments are absolutely hilarious!

A sample...

"Look mate, Tiger is done. You should represent me instead. At this rate 10% of my 10% of Scotty's winnings is going to be more than you get from Tiger's winnings. I think you could really help me renegotiate my Havoline contract now that I am a star in my own right."

Steiney: got a text from Gillette, new campaign, The Frontrunners, they want you, Federer and Jeter.
Stevie: Federer, that has-been? I'll work with Nadal though.
Steiney: I'll let 'em now. Any objections to throwing Tiger a bone on this?
Stevie: At the shoot, he can park the cars.
Steiney: Sounds good.

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