Monday, August 8, 2011

Stevie Is Taking A Pounding Today

And rightfully so.

While it might have felt sweet, and right, and all f*** you Eldrick, in the moment, a day later well....

He's a damn caddy. This would be like the right rear jack man for Dale Sr. pushing the Intimidator aside after winning Daytona to talk about how this was the "best WIN of MY career."


Still, this clip had the extended cut audio of a near horrified Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo gasping at what it all means.



And if you forgot one of Stevie's best low-lights, then he're the 9-iron dropping gem from the Ryder Cup in '06.

Too bad Tiger didn't say: "Hey ape, jump in there and swim for it!"

Tiger's clumsy "Bag Ape" Stevie Williams loses his man's 9-iron.

Jay Day | Myspace Video

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  1. I was sincerely impressed by Steve's 'golfing' Sunday.. He has reason to be proud. It is no exaggeration that the win is at least 0.04% his own.