Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Our New Brand Partner, Yahoo Sports Radio!

Exciting news from the national radio front, everybody. Our old "affiliation" as Sporting News Radio has ended, and we are now known as Yahoo Sports Radio.

This is good on many fronts. First of all, ever heard of Yahoo?

Um, yeah. Everyone has.

That's huge. To be associated with a well known web portal, is going to mean a metric shitload of new exposure.

(Note: Are "shitloads" measured in metric, or standard? Wondering...)

Furthermore, Yahoo has been steadily hiring more and more very good sports reporters and columnists. We can now tap into them as regular contributors and guests.

Win for them. Win for us.

I'm not wild about the color purple, but it'll grow on me.


  1. I've been a Czaban fan since the One-on-One days. Remember the Jim Rome fill-in, The Fox Sports Radio run (a shell of its former self unfortunately), full-circus back to Sporting News, and now the big bad audience of Internet radio.

    Congratulations for the upgrade, Steve

    Sam Martin
    Long-time fan

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  3. Czabe -- Tell 'em to advertise that beotch. And man, Pendergast looks like a love child from the Bizarre Foods guy and Howie Mandel.

  4. dear @YSportsRadio...

    1. get rid of dewshbags tim brando & todd wrong...NOBODY really honestly wants to hear recycled Four Letter garbage...why does this phenomena exist in sportstalk radio?...you're not alone...see also: the over-exposed dan patrick (what a HORRIBLE show) and basically over half of the "talent" at mad dog "radio"

    2. you have big ben maller employed now as a staff wrier for your yahoosports.com 'post-game' blog...ben was hired because some of your people enjoyed his RADIO work...big ben is the KING of overnights...you KNOW what the next logical move is...hire him away from FSR/premiere/clear channel where he has been treated like shit for years and utilize his tremendous microphone talents

    3. give peter brown a MON-FRI shift...this is a no-brainer...the guy is a legend and is easily the besy non-czabe pure radio man you have right now...STOP insulting him (and us) with the weekend evening shifts...football season is upon us...we NEED our stone cold locks

    4. hire back bruce jacobs...nothing was said publicly, but this was clearly a case of somebody in houston having a vendetta against bruce and giving him the axe as soon as clancy woods stepped down

    5. for god's sake, get back on XM around the clock...we're EXTREMELY thankful that we get our czabe, but should a national network REALLY need a listener to explain to them why they need to be available at all hours of the day on satellite radio??

    6. make a concerted effort to not be so "houston-centric"...i've sampled all of the shows over the last few months and a lot of them are eerily similar to how your competition out on the west coast thinks we want to hear about the dodgers & lakers all day

  5. What XM channel can I find Czabe on now?

  6. wdc: it's on 208, but like John A. stated, they don't run the network on that channel 24/7. XM carries the overnight stuff and of course, Czabe & the boys, but you may hear an f-1 race or down hill skiing of all things! During the afternoon and evening all you hear is the xm play by play schedule.

  7. Yesterday at 8am the Sirius/XM conference call covering the financial situation of the company interrupted the show so I thought it was over, but later in the day the station was back on. Thank goodness!

  8. shitloads are obviously measured in crap tons