Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keep Your Eye On This Up And Coming Gurgitator From Milwaukee

Since competitive eating is becoming almost as popular as the WNBA or Bull Riding these days, I wanted to alert you Bob and Brian fans to a guy who got his "start" in the "sport" by chowing down enough food for a free TV from The Hog, and is now on the verge of stardom.

Eric Hucke (above, left) from Hartland, recently laid waste to the competition in the recent 4-day Germanfest scarf-a-thon! Here's his report...
Rules: Only a 100% eaten food was counted
5 minutes max, if you finish all 10 of the food, it’s fastest time and everyone stops. 
Day 1: 5 brats with bun in 5 minutes= 2255 calories, 135 g fat (FIRST) 
Day 2: 10 potato pancakes in 3min 40 sec= 2070 calories, 110g fat, (FIRST) 
Day 3: 4 large dill pickes (and I mean the BIG ASS ones) =56 calories, 1.2 g fat (and "cleansed" me out of the first two nights...yeah, vinegar....) (SECOND) 
Day 4: 7 slices of Bienstich (German coffee cake with cream in the middle, and topped with honey toasted almonds= 2016 calories and 119 g fat. (SECOND) 
Final totals, I came out victor. Turns out the potato pancake domination was the difference. And….of course, a guy that I picked out as someone who was going to have issues with this the first day was arguing the totals so much that they kicked him out. He DID get 2nd place….but I guess he was crying about needing the r/t Airtran flight for his sister because his mom just died. Hey, buddy – I DO NOT LAY DOWN FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!
Well gurgitated, my man! I have a stomach ache just thinking about it, but it's only a matter of time before Joey Chestnut is shaking your hand in defeat at Nathan's on Coney Island on the Fourth of July!



  1. nice to see they let a couple packer cheerleaders participate...300 lbs. is considered anorexic in east dakota...their state flag should just have a picture of chris farley, rick majerus and ron dayne on it

  2. If the guy needed the plane ticket so bad he should have been working, not stuffing his face in an eating contest. What a whiny puss!