Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ahh, The Good Ol' Days!

This, from the back of the VHS sleeve, in 1986....

"They don't stop with just taking a man down. They leave an imprint on their opponent's psyche, as well as on his body. These men specialize in bone rattling hits that make an opponent think twice on the next match-up, hits that demonstrate what the game of football is all about. CrunchTime introduces you to the toughest men in America's roughest game. Men such as HOWIE LONG, the warlord of the Raiders, acclaimed as the most dominant defensive force in the game; MAD DOG MIKE CURTIS , who was so uncontrollably vicious that his teammates condemned him for giving his profession a bad name; DICK BUTKUS-No more obsessed, maniacally driven man ever laced on a pair of spikes; LARRY CSONKA, an old blood-and-thunder runner who ran toward defenders rather than daylight; RANDY WHITE-if every team had a defender like White, all running backs would be three feet tall and sing soprano. For those who love a bone-rattling hit as much as a touchdown and recognize guts as well as glory, CRUNCHTIME is a must-see!"

Of course, available now, only on E-Bay. Wouldn't be surprised if Roger had his league minions scooping up all of these copies, and burning them in the same office incinerator he pitched the Bill Belichick Spygate tapes into.


  1. I don't what it is, but I have far more of a problem with those who are all exercised about these bounties than the bounties themselves.

    I pretty much assumed that all teams do this, it is a violent game. Logic dictates bounty programs would exist.

    It is far more damming that all these reporters are now shocked, SHOCKED that this is happening. I would assume that if they we remotely doing their job they would have know about it for years, and not reporting it, so now I ask a practical question.

    Is the media complicit in aiding the bounties by not reporting them, or derelict by not knowing about them.... either way it says more about them than us.

    With all of that said, I still don't care that bounties exist.

  2. That pic of Singletary and Dickerson on the cover. Football erection!

  3. Is the NFL aware of the fact that Ray Lewis helped murder a couple of guys?

  4. What argument are you trying to make here, Steve? Are you implying that the NFL is hypocritical in cracking down on bounties because they released a video a quarter-century ago that promotes the violent aspect of the game? That's pretty damn weak.

    The DB diving in from the left (#22) on the cover of that tape is none other than Dave Duerson. As we all know, Duerson suffered from a neurodegenerative disease linked to concussions after his career was over. This ultimately led him to commit suicide last year.

    Highlighting this old video only serves to illustrate the need to clean up the game and make it safer for the guys on the field, perceived impacts on the quality of play be damned.

    The NFL, for all of its faults, is trying to do just that. How can they not crack down harshly on a coach who is paying players to injure their opponents? Sure, there are questionable aspects to the way this has all gone done. I don't care. Coaches paying players to harms other players is wrong and possibly illegal.

  5. And in what way, outside of the $, are these bounties are different than the emblem stickers that college & high school footballers sport on their helmets?

    1. The key is what they have to do to earn them. The stickers you mention are given by some college & high school coaches as a reward for great individual or team plays, not for injuring an opponent.

      Look at the example in the picture in my link. Tedd Ginn Jr.'s helmet was full of those stickers when he was a Buckeye, and the only person he was a threat to injure was himself.

      If a sticker were to be given out specifically for injuring an opponent, that would be every bit as wrong as the bounty system.

  6. Leading with the crown of the helmet... surly The Commish can retroactively fine and/or suspend some wins from that defensive player!

  7. Sports have been ruined by the following groups:

    Guys who never played the game - see all employees at ESPN
    Government officials