Friday, March 30, 2012

Michelle Wie GACKS! 1 Foot Putt

Okay, so it was probably 18 inches. BUT SHE MISSED THE ENTIRE HOLE! Egad. Love Judy Rankin saying she needs to ditch those welders goggles while putting. Good idea. She also needs a shrink.

I hate to pile on "young" Michelle (I mean, she's ONLY 23, you know) but the attendant hype for this girl was so off the charts stupid, that somebody HAS to chronicle the poor girl's downward Capriati-like spiral, born from overbearing parents and a sense of entitlement.

Shame, because she has talent. It's just that her milking of the hype machine for $$$, ended up ruining what should have been a long, great career.


  1. She is a Stanford student.

    LPGA is still hoping and praying she makes it big, some day.

  2. Best part of the post? when she bent down to pick up the ball.

  3. who cares?...look at those beautiful thighs...that's what matters! idea why this tour hasn't caught on like wildfire's a non-stop poon fest and TV only shows the very few bull dykes and non-aesthetic women left when they're completely forced to

  4. Czabe,

    The hype was 5 years ago. It stopped a long time ago. Now maybe you should. Don't worry, Peter King is still a big fat target...

  5. Does that still frame count as a SNICKY or are those banned now?