Monday, March 19, 2012 Laziest Moth** F****** on The Web

Okay, so I understand corporate cutbacks and skeleton staffs on the weekends.

I understand that in a sprawling website like theirs, there might be some far flung corners of it, that aren't quite as "fresh" as they should be.



I clicked on the link that said "Updated Brackets" this morning... and well... here ya go.

Some lazy ass thought "TBD" might suffice to hold us at bay, refreshing the page all morning so we can finally figure out who won the late game between Cinci and FSU.

Hell, forget the late games. When did this donkey knock off work at Four in the afternoon.

You suck, SI. Seriously.


  1. Czabe... Really? Why are you not keeping up with scores on your own network... Yahoo!Sports.

    I have had an account with Yahoo for well over ten years. They are very reliable in posting scores and live updates for the major sporting events (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and college sports).

  2. I'm guessing Peter King is in charge of this? Wouldn't surprise me!

  3. SI covers sports? I thought they just covered swimsuit fashion.

    They must have Homer Simpson updating the brackets.

  4. I'm flummoxed... why wasn't this on your iPad3? I didn't think you still used Windows.