Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off To Vegas...

As such, there won't be a whole lot of updates here until next week. But at least you can snack on this little episode from last year's trip. Who knows if feeding a chipmunk highly fattening chemically soaked snack chips is a federal crime.

If not, good.

If it is, then I don't know who took this video or where it came from. I also don't know that the guy feeding the chipmunk is named Mark Clark.

/drops camera and walks away slowly.


  1. I was expecting the chipmunk to take one bite, then steal the bag......

  2. One of my favorite critters, the Harris' Antelope Squirrel. They'll hang out around the 10th tee and steal food right out of your cart.


  3. Played Paiute Wolf last Wednesday, I think that same little bastard jumped into my cart and boosted my weed...It was for medicinal purposes only...