Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Masters Program

Nothing to get you in the mood for the "Mahstahs," like an auction of the VERY FIRST "toonamint" program. If you have a cool $15,000 grand jingling around, you may be able to take this rare artifact home!

Or not.

Apparently, the bidding started at $500 and has skyrocketed since. The program is in "mint" condition, so don't drip your pimento/cheese sandwich on it. The backstory is that the program was originally used to help recruit propsective "mehmbah's" to join.

Can you imagine now, if they printed the names and photos of "Auguhstah mehmbah's" in a program available to the public? Martha Burke would personally organize an "Occupy" rally in every one of their front lawns!

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