Monday, March 12, 2012

Gargantu-Bracket 2012

Ladies and gentlemen.... BEHOLD.

Man... built this.... just .... look at it...

/wipes tear from eye.

Kudos to one Bradley Turner, the man with the IRON EYEBALLS to put this together. He will be swagged to the hilt from me. Please give him some love HERE with thank you posts, and of course, SPREAD THE WORD and make him famous!

/and give me the page views!



Tips: If you CAN, print out on 11x17 sized paper if you can.
Otherwise, XEROX one side of the bracket (i.e. the L side) and the XEROX the other side on the BACK of the same single sheet.


  1. The King-Mack-Daddy of all Bracket Cheatsheets - Accept no substitutes. Thank you Czabe and Bradley. I've used this bracket to win year after year - Good luck bitches!

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  3. Brad, well done fine sir (again). If you're at the HR in Vegas, you have a few beverages coming your way from me!! Thanks again for your hard work.

  4. the fact that this isn't anticipated NATIONWIDE every year is the ultimate proof that this country is in the gutter...all it would take is a random plug by some Four Letter dewshbags and it would be the a trending topic...thank you SO MUCH for taking care of this original american MASTERPIECE every season for us, mister turner

    1. Iron Mike,
      I'm trying to convince the wife to let me go on the 2013 Czabe trip. The combination of Vegas and me haven't always agreed but I'm hoping to make it work next year.

    2. Brad, for 2013 I'll be your college buddy you never told her about that is having a breakdown that you need to go support. I got your back on this. Thanks again for the best bracket I've ever seen. IM

  5. No way one man did this. This has the hallmarks of our most elite technological minds at the US Space Command. Quite frankly our nation was probably open to attack while they took the computers offline to focus on constructing this. Know what? I'm ok with the NK People's Republic sneaking one in over Los Angeles for this. Net-net that's a fairer trade than what RG-3Sticks went for.

  6. The best bracket on the Internet by far! And amazing you got this done so quickly. Fantastic!

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  8. What kind of shitty smartphone you got??? Looks just fine on my smartphone.

  9. My buddy asked about this bracket yesterday(remembered it from last year). Glad its back up. Thanks for the hard work on this. BEST DAY EVER!

  10. I love this bracket, but you have the midwest regionals in New Orleans. As a Tar Heel fan I wish that were true, but we'll likely be playing Kansas in St. Louis if we make it that far.

  11. might want to update the date of the final.

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