Friday, March 9, 2012

Peyton-palooza 2012!

Where is Peyton Manning going to land?

Who knows!

And ain't that fun, kids!

No really, it is kinda cool, that in a day and age in sports where we know everything, can see everything, and stories get leaked well ahead of time, all the time, there are rarely any good mysteries left.

Peyton's New Place, now THAT is a GREAT mystery.

It's such a good "toss-up/blind speculation" that you can actually do a "fantasy style" snake draft with 4 people, and nobody is going to feel cheated in the two teams they pick.

Which is just what we did on my show. It went like this...

1. Linn - MIA (Seemingly the clear frontrunner, a solid #1 overall pick).
2. Czabe - ARZ (Even though it's NFC, so much going for the Cards).
3. Solly - KC (They did it once before with Montana, let's run it back!)
4. Galdi - DEN (Pay no attention to Tebowmania, this would be huge!)
5. Galdi - NYJ (If not for the inconvenient Sanchez thing, makes too much sense).
6. Solly - HOU (A real dark horse, but has most "weapons" already in place).
7. Czabe - WAS (Dan Snyder has money. Everything else is flexible).
8. Linn - SF (Can you imagine healthy Peyton plus that D? Ill-f'ing-LEGAL!)

So there you go. I think we all have a pretty good pair of "tickets" which might come home. And hell, the pool might not even pay out at all! Peyton could end up somewhere totally, gobsmackingly random. Like Seattle. Or with the Giants, as Eli's backup.

If there's one team I think we can safely rule out, it's.... the Colts.

That much, I'm sure of. Anything else.... hmmm.... who knows.


  1. AZ? DC? NFC?

    What part of..

    "I'm not interested in squaring off against Eli on a regular basis or facing him in the post-season in anytrhing short of the Super Bowl."

    ...doesn't register, Czabe?

    On the other hand, I'm SURE Peyton would enjoy punking Brady & Belicheat on a regular basis.

  2. i know one team he won't be going to; the pack. we're all stocked up on pro bowl qb's.

    arizona?? really? what "so much going" does arizona got? medicore run game..check. sub par defense...check. and larry fitzgerald..oh boy.

    my bet if he really wants to win is to take his talents to texas. the texans have a stud RB. very good o line. stand out WR in johnson. good TE. and when williams come back along with jj watt a lights out defense.

    can i guy get a snickie this week????

  3. .... And apparently we can rule out the Foreskins too!

  4. So sorry about your team Steve. Who's the GM ? Coco the chimp ?

  5. Speaking of Coco the Chimp...

    I don't remember hearing when the Redskins worked out RG III you know to make sure he could make all the throws and that they had every last questioned answered before they "mortgaged the future."

    Don't you want to do that right and not just rely on combine and college highlight reels? Isn't that like buying a car and relying on the company marketing materials instead of test driving it yourself?

    What was that? The Rams wanted to make the deal now before RG III's pro day? I used those same tactics when I was on commission and I was desperate to make quota.

    Good thing you Redskins fans have so much faith in Shanahan's rock-solid reputation when it comes to picking QBs that he can do it based only on the Combine and college game film. You know unlike someone who has bombed on his last 3 QBs and is on the hot seat.

    Not only did the Skins get rushed into a pick without due diligence but they gave up an extra first rounder; I read reports that the Rams never set one team against another but simply set a price and looked to see who was willing to pay. Perhaps I should quit my day job and go play poker against Snyder and Shanahan.

  6. Poor Kansas City. The boobs at the KC Star and local sports radio actually believe that they have a shot at signing Peyton Manning.

    But I believe if the Chiefs actually pony up and offer him what he wants in order to win a Super Bowl, they will be selling out Arrowhead. KC has a good defense, but their offense is one QB away from competing, and most of all, the Chiefs have the second biggest cap room to accommodate Manning.

    Manning will end up in Miami.

  7. I'm still livid that Irsay let Manning go, but couldn't be happier for Manning, who seems to have found the perfect place to land. Denver's getting a great quarterback, and a pretty great member of the community, too. I wonder if they're going to open another Peyton Manning children's hospital in Denver, or just move the one from Indy there. I hope Denver wins five titles with #18 at the helm and has a ticker tape parade in front of Irsay's house.