Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chance of Heavy Aluminum Thundershowers

Sometimes, it's more fun to be completely out of the loop when something big happens in sports.

Like Friday night.

I was totally in the dark when the beer bottles came raining down in Atlanta.

Only when I turned on my phone again, checked Twitter, did I start piecing things together.

Infield fly rule sucks.
Stupid umps.
Are these guys replacements, too?
The ball landed 225 feet away!

And of course, there were a few seamheads who insisted the call was "correct" even if it came "late."

I am not here to argue the call's merits. Hell, I needed an intense refresher course on the rule after it happened.

I would rather adjudicate whether Braves fans were way out of line to throw bottles on the field in the aftermath.

My ruling: Hey, sometimes, sh** happens.

The way I see it, bottle throwing incidents following bad calls in sports, are few and far between.

For one: those stadium beers are PRICEY!
For another: if you try to START a good ol' bottle throwing protest, there's a GOOD chance you are going to JAIL.

It's only when a call so f***ed up happens, that a rare spontaneous beercan shower erupts. It literally takes thousands of fans to say: "I will risk JAIL to let you know in no uncertain terms that call was complete horseshit!"

I remember the bottle incident in Cleveland years ago, vs. Jacksonville. If you didn't, click below.

Yeah yeah. Classless. Dangerous. Bush league. Somebody could have been hurt. Yeah yeah.

It was ATLANTA people! Talk about getting some "street cred!" This is a sports town regarded as softer than 800 thread-count Egyptian cotton bedsheets. The fans there actually CARE just a bit!

Heck, they cared more than Chipper Jones, who in his last major league at-bat, LOAFED it down to first base, almost turning a bonus-error into an out!

I'm gonna give Atlanta a pass on this one. The call really sucked (in application, if not by rule) so things are gonna happen.

On a separate note, do we really NEED an "infield fly rule?" I mean, really. Don't fucking pop up with runners on base. It's like grounding into a double play. Sure. Some really wacky plays may ensue, if teams try to game-out a dropped double-play.

So what?

There's nothing in the Bill of Rights protecting teams from popping into a gimmicky double-play.


  1. That's it, I'm done watching baseball. I had enough, when you have calls like this that are fundamentally unfair. And it's too bad, I really like watching baseball. But there are other things I can do, like spend more time with my daughter.

  2. I just laugh. Then you have the TV announcers saying how embarrassing it is for the fans to act this way. But they keep pointing out how wrong the call was. And who were those people throwing bottles? Probably the ones that tried to get a good start to their gambling weekend by going with the Braves. Same people who finished off the weekend by trying to win everything back by laying the points with the Titans.

  3. @Jimbo - I know you are trying to rip on that other Jimmy guy but you come off as such a dbag.