Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Portman, Suh, and a Hunter Pence's Magic Bat

Some days, I put a modest amount of effort into this page. You know, think about something for a few minutes, write about it for about a half hour. Chuck up a jpeg or two.

Then there are days like this. Where I just throw three piece of "eye candy" on the page and say: "Here. You'll enjoy this. Look!"

/puts up "Gone Fishin' sign



  1. Czabe,
    When will you start puting up the "pics of the day" again? We can still archive the old ones, but new ones would be entertaining?

  2. forget portman.. check out the hamhawk on that sexy bird in the background!!

  3. Hey Czabe,
    Check out this article about your favorite ESPN personality.