Monday, October 22, 2012

The Real Cam Newton Finally Shows Up

It took a while, but "heeeeere's Cammy!

They say that adversity does not build character, it reveals it. And right now, a 1-5 start by a Panthers team considered by some to be a bit of a playoff "sleeper", has scratched away the phony shine on the former Heisman winner to reveal what some said was there all along.

Nolan Nawrocki, a scout for Pro Football Weekly, refused to buy the hype leading up to draft day. You can read the full write up here (and much of it is positive) but Nawrocki was SAVAGED by the media's "amen chorus" on Cam when it came to this paragraph in particular.
Very disingenuous — has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup. Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and always will struggle to win a locker room. Only a one-year producer. Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable.
Now... low and behold... with Sunday's pathetic loss to the Cowboys, we saw Cam throwing his coordinator under the bus in public on play calling. 

Dude? Really.

It's NEVER a good sign, when NFL Network talking heads are asking if you are the "new Jay Cutler."

I had doubts about Cam Newton based more on his short college experience, and his super-simplified offense he ran at Auburn. I was agnostic to the "off-the-field" persona stuff, including his now infamous quote about wanting to be "an entertainer and an icon" as well as a football player.

Mind you, I was never "all OUT" on him as a QB in the pros, I just had some doubts, and saw lots of red flags. And as you saw last year, he took all of those red flags and shoved them up my ass and anyone else who doubted.

Which brings us to now. Adversity. It happens. How do you respond, as an athlete? What do you do? What do you say? How do you act? Can you L-E-A-D?

It's quite possible Cam will figure it out, now that the football tailwinds of last year, have shifted into headwinds this year. I was impressed last year with his ability and willingness to stay in the pocket as it collapsed, stand tall, and deliver heavy balls to all parts of the field with accuracy and timing.

But the game changes. And the game is hard. And people are going to - GASP! - "say things..." you know.

Time to figure it out, Cam.

Start, by understanding that your body language means something to your teammates. Your coaches. Your fans. That means the scowl and pout after losses at the podium. The towel over the head. All of it. Start with changing that, because it's the easiest thing to do.

There's a long, and excellent career to be had for Cam Newton. If he wants it.

UPDATE: Ooops. Panthers GM Marty Hurney just got the axe! Ouch. Who could have seen that coming? Oh wait... Nolan Nawrocki did. This guy (/Gruden voice) is getting more right by the second!
Can provide an initial spark, but will quickly be dissected and contained by NFL defensive coordinators, struggle to sustain success and will not prove worthy of an early investment. An overhyped, high-risk, high-reward selection with a glaring bust factor, Newton is sure to be drafted more highly than he should and could foreclose a risk-taking GM's job and taint a locker room.


  1. Czabe, you sound like a out of touch moron. Have you even watched the Panthers play? Look at the last 4 drafts under Hurney then read you post again. The Panthers stink outside of Newton,Steve Smith,and Olsen what else is there? So by your logic Newton is a bust b/c he can't engineer 24 points a game for the Panthers to win with that roster. They have 2 over paid RB's that can't stay healthy. Well just look at that defense. Yep Cam Newton is the problem. Try not to spend so much time being lazy and do your homework.

  2. Thanks "baby" (or black) jesus the Redskins didn't pick him. What a nightmare and a plague for a franchise. He sure doesn't handle adversity well. He could be benched by Week 12!

  3. Thief ( laptops at Florida ), cheat ( student at Florida), liar (recruitment money grab to auburn) and narcissist (clothing line, end zone stunts, and on and on).

    Yep, that about sums it up.

  4. Here in Charlotte, they have been calling for Marty's head for years. Outside of some hits in the first round, he's been awful at drafting. To make matters worse, he has no record of any free agent success, and overpays for his own free agents that other teams wouldn't think to pay (see: Charles Johnson). The team has no money to get out of the hole they're in now. The only thing that kept Marty from probably losing his job sooner was the blind loyalty this organization shows to those within. He got lucky that Newton had a great/exciting rookie season, or this could/should have happened earlier than it did. Newton just bought him extra time; that was a topic of discussion on the local sports radio. The fact that they've gone into the tank so early with Newton must have been the final straw for ol Jerry Richardson.

  5. 'Scam' is the next Jeff George. Like Jeffy, Scam has all the physical tools to be a success, but just look at his demeanor and general attitude. The first paragraph above from Nolan is so right on the money.

    Being a Falcon fan myself, the only thing better than being undefeated right at this moment, is watching the meltdown of the Charlotte Panther 'organization'.

  6. If you ever watch "Any Given Sunday", which really is the quintessential pro football movie, just compare Willie Beamen to him, and you will see that Cam Newton is the real life Willie Beamen...

    Just watch this:

  7. All I can say is dang-it. Huge Panthers fan, Hurney has sucked for years. But dang-it, Cam. Grow up or something how's about it?

  8. Lets just hope RG3 stays controlled. I can already see signs of arrogance creeping up. He can start by controlling on field antics.

    Over the board celebrations on touchdowns, first down completions, clapping when the opposing defense gets an unsportsman like conduct because of flopping and the like give me a negative vibe. Learn from the elite QB's who are always so controlled in their emotions. Don't do anyting for cameras.

    All the antics are being ignored right now because RG3 is succesful. He will come down to earth and things like these will get magnified and turn against you before you know.

  9. Cam is the man. War Dam Eagle!!!