Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zapruder Film of Sunday's Big NFL Hits

Credit the boys at www.thebiglead.com for these excellent animated GIFs. The top two picks in the draft last year, the two rookie QBs who are expected to be the face of the NFL for years to come.

Both hits, on the very border of legal and clean. The RG3 hit was not flagged (properly so, IMHO) and the Perry hit was flagged (close call, IMHO, he did lead with the crown of his helmet into chest) and the commissioner is running around worried about petty sums of money the Saints allegedly swapped for "cart-offs."

Child, please.

This game is vicious on a good day.


  1. Years from now they will be looking at Holographs of these games and the biggest question on their minds will be - Why the hell are they wearing those stupid pink shoes?

  2. The Perry hit was clean, complete bullshit that it was a "close call".

  3. Luck was defenseless because his right tackle couldn't block a pee wee linebacker!

  4. Agree with Jimbo and Benz, Perry tattooed luck with his face mask!

  5. How come you guys defended the move to pull Strasburg as if you're own child were to be irreparably harmed for life with the minute possibility that pitching three extra months would end his career?

    Yet, your rookie QB, in game 5, get's the brain tossed like an Italian salad and there is no cry to sit him a few weeks to reattached his grey matter!?

    There were just as many docs proclaiming sitting Strasburg was at best a guess as there are doctors that claim even one concussion can open the door to getting them easier in the future. I don't get you guys.