Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snicky du Jour: Kyna Treacy

We all know by now two things...

1. A-Rod can't hit water if he tripped out of a canoe
2. The Yankees will have him sitting on the curb this winter with a "Take Me" sign around his neck

Okay, fine.

The guy can still spot a 10 while wearing heavy fall clothes at a baseball game from several rows away.

Her name is Kyna Treacy. She's an Aussie. A model. 33, and wow!

I almost half think that A-Rod already knew about her, and that maybe he's ALREADY BANGING her, because every shot of Ms. Treacy while at the Yankee game said "very attractive Manhattan junior executive" almost none of them said: "smoking hot bikini model!"

And here's another question: her gal pal next to her? Just chopped liver? Haven't even seen her name mentioned. If that's the "wingman's obligation" in this transaction, is it that bad of a second place prize?

Anyhow, because you are too lazy to google search Ms. Treacy yourself, I've done the hard work wasted my time for you.


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  1. this is why you are the best in the business mr. Czabe.