Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Memo to The Golf Channel

It's apparent that right now your suits in the corner offices have their collective sphincters puckered tighter than a Q-school hopeful standing over a 4-footer to secure his Tour Card.

It's been almost a week since your lead studio analyst Brandel Chamblee, dared to imply that Tiger Woods was a cheater in a column for a completely different golf publication that you have nothing to do with.

And of course, Tiger isn't a cheater. Nah.

The two dozen skanky mistresses were the result of his "sex addiction."
The association with known PED-quack Anthony Galea was pure coincidence.
The four "incidents" this season were only because Tiger is the subject of unfair TV camera scrutiny and a bunch of nosy armchair rules officials at home.

Got it.

Let's move forward, as Tiger and his agent so ominously threatened on Monday from China.

A week of pure radio silence from you guys on this issue? Nothing? Not a peep? Hello, anybody home?

If you think Chamblee was unfair and crossed a line, say so. And do what you think is right.

Or, if you think his commentary was in bounds, and fair play, then say that and "move forward."

Or better yet, say it's a issue, which it really is, and go back to running your business.

But it's obvious you are trying to figure out how to somehow appease Team Tiger while keeping your best golf voice for big events. Will Team Tiger accept a humiliating forced-march apology by Chamblee on air? How about a 2 week suspension? Do they really want his scalp? Will Tiger decide he's never coming on Golf Channel again, as long as Chamblee remains on your air?

Here's some advice from one of your loyal customers: me.

I really, really, really like what you guys are doing. I play golf and I love the game.

I watch lots and lots of hours of your channel, and even though I don't necessary like all of your personalities, I respect the diversity of opinion and style.

If you touch Chamblee, you've lost me.

Not because Brandel's opinions - while excellent, in my opinion - are irreplacable.

But because you will have made a bold declaratioin that you don't care about me. You care more about appeasing a shallow bully, whose only time saying sorry was in front of a blue curtain in hopes of salvaging whatever was left of his fleeing corporate sponsors.

You will have forfeited your reputation as an honest broker for legitimate issues in the game, and traded that in for cheap "Team Tiger" t-shirt.

Tell Tiger...

a. If you need Brandel's phone number, we have it.
b. If you want to debate him on our airwaves, we can arrange it.
c. If you don't like a or b, go fuck yourself.

I don't know what your research says, but as a fairly experienced radio host and avid golfer I can say with confidence: most Tiger "fans" don't watch Golf Channel. They watch a few majors every year on Sundays, and only if he's somewhere near the lead.

You need people who love golf. People who will be there with your programming all summer, and even through the long dark winter months watching your lovely brand of warm weather"golf porn" from exotic locations.

You don't need Tiger to sit down with "Morning Drive" to offer the same bland, uninteresting drivel he feeds the regular tour press every week in the media center. On a good day, this guy's a bore. On a bad day, an asshole.

Yeah, I know. No more 60 second chats with Steve Sands behind the driving range. So sad.

Go ahead and suspend Chamblee, or fire him, and I'd like to say I will never, ever ever watch another minute of your programming again - but I know that's a lie.

I'll swallow my pride, and probably choke down a few "Live From's.." during the majors. All the while with a sick feeling in my stomach wondering just how hard the surviving members of your on-air crew are going to buff-shine Tiger's ass if he's anywhere within 10 shots of the lead.

The next time Tiger takes a bad drop, or moves a giant boulder, or slams a club, I am sure your crew will freely speak their minds as to what they really think. Why would I care what Frank Nobilo has to say anymore about anything? You move on Chamblee, you will poison your entire cast, and your brand forever.

This is your moment of truth, Golf Channel. You've got a great thing going. Don't blow it. Not for this guy. Not with his track record. It'll be the worst decision you've ever made.

The Liar In Chief


Your President, America.


Snickies du Jour: Alex Morgan & Sydney Laroux

God bless our gals who play for the good ol' USA in girlie soccer!

Apparently, and allegedly, Alex and Sydney are just "good friends" and "gal pals" who have boyfriends, thank you very much.

Okay, fine, whatever.

Just keep these instagrams coming, ladies.

This is A Way Better Halloween Prank Than A Fake Cackling Skeleton on a Door

The "Grim Reaper" drone.

Well played, sir. Well played...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Hypnotizing, Isn't It....?


Snicky du Jour: Julianna Margulies

Currently dominating the CBS hit "The Good Wife" at the veteran age of 47, whatever she is doing, it's working in my book. I've loved her ever since she was shacking up with Clooney in ER. I loved her doing a cameo in the Sopranos as Tony's drug using real-estate agent goomar, and she's still a lovely black eyed, black haired, tough, smart, cookie.

I Hate It When This Happens....

....and for the record, it "happened" to me twice on interviews in the last 10 years. The first was a faceplant interviewing Warrick Dunn (his mother died in the line of duty as a police officer) and the second was Morgan Pressel whose mother died after a tough battle with cancer.

I'm an idiot, and clearly didn't do my prep. That's all on me.

Bobby Bowden, meanwhile, is 83. I think we have our answer there.

Big kudos to Chris Spielman, who handled the awkward moment with grace. A true gentleman's moment.

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Original Star Wars Blooper Reel Has Been Coughed Up Like A Furball By The Internet...

... and it... is.... awesome!

We demand more!

Snicky du Jour: Elisabeth Shue

So I'm catching a CBS Promo for CSI Somewhere (Vegas?) and I notice the lovely Ms. Shue is part of the cast.


I've always been a huge fan. What a beauty. Please disregard the final picture below, where she apparently went nuts in the weight room with Victor Conte givin' her the cream and the clear.

5 Stories That Will Certainly Be Lively Discussion At the Dinner Table






Let's Pile on The Vikings... Even More!

Because last night's beat-down wasn't quite fun enough, how about this to further delight Packer fans on a Monday!

It's a long - but good read - on just how much bad faith ol' Ziggy and his Brothers distribute in every business deal they ever do.

Including the new stadium.
In 2011, Zygi purchased a $19 million townhouse on Park Avenue at the exact moment he was demanding hundreds of millions of tax dollars to subsidize a new stadium for the Vikings. Nineteen million is a lot even on Park Avenue, but in Minnesota, where the single most expensive property in the history of the state—an estate owned by the Pillsbury family that failed to sell even when cut from $53.5 million to $24 million—the Wilf purchase provided particularly poor optics. 
Meanwhile, it wasn’t just the good people of Minnesota who were wondering why the Wilfs kept getting richer while others associated with them got handed the bill. One former employee of the firm had accumulated an interest in several of their properties. He received K1s and 1099s every year reflecting the value of those investments. At some point, he decided to leave the company. The Wilfs offered to buy out his interest at a price point far below what he thought the stakes were worth. 
“I hired an attorney and filed suit against them, and they did what they do in all their lawsuits: drag it out three-plus years. Finally, on the eve of the trial, a judge was assigned to mediate a resolution, and I more or less had to agree to a resolution that day, because I just couldn’t afford to carry on the lawsuit. I also knew that, regardless of how the lawsuit came out, they would appeal and just tie this thing up forever. So a similar thing happened to me as happened to the Halperns in the lawsuit that was recently made public: The Wilfs unilaterally decided to cut some of my draws, cut some of my compensation.” 
In short, they had control over the books and operations and schlepped it out with their deeper pockets from a position of power—exactly the tactic that was alleged in the New Jersey suit and aggressively condemned by the judge.
Nice fellas, those Wilf boys. And remember, the NFL wants you to think it's the PLAYERS who are hopeless criminals.

Some of these owners, are just as bad, if not worse. Sure they may not use a gun to steal money. But they end up stealing a helluva lot more. In broad daylight.

Remember: Together We Make Football.

And you, the taxpayer will foot the bill for it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Classic Tommy Lasorda

As I kid I vividly remember watching Reggie stick his fat ass out and deflect that throw from second base. I remember how much I hated the Yankees, and couldn't believe the stupid umpires could let that play stand and not call interference.

Well, time and adulthood do change things. Looking at this now, I realize it was probably the right call. Reggie barely stuck out his ass after all, and in fast motion (see the first replay of the play in real time) it's nearly invisible.

Still, Lasorda's mic'ed up tirade is classic. Not to mention the umpires inexplicable RED "umpiring jackets."

Then, I got sent THIS more profane (warning: NSFW!) audio of Lasorda in the dugout, off-camera, but definitely ON MIC, talking about removing Doug Rau from the game and the f-bombings that ensue when he does.

Classic stuff. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

... Except The FAKE Obamacare Website From 2010.... Works Like A Charm!


Why The Obamacare Website is Never, Ever, EVER Going to Actually "Work"

I introduce to you, the "Mythical Man Month."

Tell me if the way "Barry's Magic Healthcare Website That's Just Like Kayak or Amazon" was assembled by the "best and the brightest" (and of course now, massaged into perfection by a "surge" of programmers and "alpha teams") sounds like it hit the mark on ANY of these key points regarding massive software projects.
The Mythical Man-Month: Assigning more programmers to a project running behind schedule, may make it even more late. 
The Second-System Effect: The second system an engineer designs is the most bloated system she will EVER design.
Conceptual Integrity: To retain conceptual integrity and thereby user-friendliness, a system must have a single architect (or a small system architecture team), completely separate from the implementation team. 
The Manual: The chief architect should produce detailed written specifications for the system in the form of the manual, which leaves no ambiguities about any part of the system and completely specifies the external spcifications of the system i.e. what the user sees. 
Pilot Plant: When designing a new kind of system, a team should factor in the fact that they will have to throw away the first system that is built since this first system will teach them how to build the system. The system will then be completely redesigned using the newly acquired insights during building of the first system. This second system will be smarter and should be the one delivered to the customer. 
Formal Documents: Every project manager must create a roadmap in the form of formal documents which specifies milestones precisely and things like who is going to do what and when and at what cost. 
Communication: In order to avoid disaster, all the teams working on a project, such as the architecture and implementation teams, should stay in contact with each other in as many ways as possible and not guess or assume anything about the other. Ask whenever there's a doubt. NEVER assume anything. 
Code Freeze and System Versioning: No customer ever fully knows what she wants from the system she wants you to build. As the system begins to come to life, and the customer interacts with it, he understands more and more what he really wants from the system and consequently asks for changes. These changes should of course be accomodated but only upto a certain date, after which the code is frozen. All requests for more changes will have to wait until the NEXT version of the system. If you keep making changes to the system endlessly, it may NEVER get finished.
Specialized Tools: Every team should have a designated tool maker who makes tools for the entire team, instead of all individuals developing and using their private tools that no one else understands.
It's like every single thing smart programmers say you should NEVER do on a big project: OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS DID ANYWAY!

Of course, Nancy Pelosi says "just fix it."

And the "Glitch Queen" Herself lectured that many American's "don't know how to budget for health insurance." THIS, coming from someone whose president and party has ... wait for it... wait.... FAILED TO PASS A BUDGET FOR 5 YEARS RUNNING!

For an administration that has been flat out burying our nation in debt.

But that's okay. We don't need no stinkin' budgets.... right?

“The fact is that you don’t need a budget,” Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said last year. “We can adopt appropriation bills and we can adopt authorization policies without a budget.”

Strike up the band and pour the brandy. Might as well enjoy the crisp starry night for as long as we can.

Now THAT Is Racist!

Oh, wow. I am sure half of you are completely appalled by this, and the other half are wondering: "Cool hats. Very counter-culture. Where can I get one?"

Answer: You can't. It was made by the National Congress of American Indians to attempt to hammer home a point.

Me? Hey, I don't want to weigh in on whether Chief Wahoo is "racist" or "insensitive".

But I certainly do like anybody else taking politically correct fire besides my Redskins.

Apparently now the Indians are taking a "survey" of their own fans about good ol' Chief Wahoo.

I think we know where this is ultimately heading.

Good luck, Cleveland.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snicky du Jour: Gweneth Paltrow

So Vanity Fair is apparently coming out with a "devastating takedown" of Iron Man's secretary Pepper Potts, that alleges all kinds of mean things about this dippy Hollywood actress who started a website called "".

Whatever. I don't care. All I know, is that facially speaking, Paltrow is like catnip for my eyes. I can't stop admiring her "look."

Oh, I know her limitations: weak front-court, no sense of humor.

And did I mention "dippy?"

I finally realized that the old cosmetic truth about facial symmetry as the key to perceived beauty was certainly her strong suit.


And a great smile. Of course.

So before poor ol' Goop Girl has to run out and try to singlehandedly purchase every copy of Vanity Fair and throw them in her mansion's incinerator, enjoy these photos.

World Series Preview: Sox vs. Cards

Any "predictions" on sports are foolish. We all know that.

The reason we watch, is because of the "holy shit, I can't believe that just happened" aspect of the games. Sports was, is, and will always remain the original and most spectacular "reality show" in the history of TV.

But, you know, people like predictions. So instead of my World Series prediction (worthless) I give you the always astute "Mr. X" who throws out season-long over/under bets on my radio show every spring, that are a DOCUMENTED 80% winners.

Here's what "X" sez about the series...

Have been pretty on target all postseason, except thought LA would beat Cards.

Cards- most solid organization. They play every game to WIN, and do all the little things you need to do. None of this, “oh, sorry, but I’m not a very good bunter” crap!

Matheny is way overrated, but otherwise just a good team. When a guy comes off the DL in July, the talk about a week or so to get timing back….but in post season they are supposed to step right in? Not sure we can expect much from Craig. If healthy, they win. But I’d be surprised if he is.

Boston – yes, I’m in RedSox Nation, and have been since 67. Watched this team every day for a month in July/Aug. Fun for a year – but a TERRIBLE team for postseason. They do NOTHING but swing for fences. If they get a man on 3b with 0 outs, 9 monster cuts later, the inning may be over. They do it all the time. I like that for 162, but not for series.

But, they go for the, somebody hit a slam and we win strategy. Worked vs Det – but was ugly.

No Ortiz in StL for 3. He’ll probably play 1b some. Craig will DH in Fenway – not sure he’ll be effective. Rules are overrated – f’n everyone can do a double switch – and unlike most AL teams, the sox bench is loaded with players as good as starters, so an NL style game is fine for them.

They will find a way to win 2 or 3 games by sheer hitting alone, and Uehara has been unhittable since July 1.

I’ll take Boston in 7. They just keep finding a way – and I’ll take Lucky over good anytime.

NOTE: And if you like this picture of Fenway Park, you can get it as a free wallpaper for your pornloader computer at this link. I don't believe this site has malware on it, but you never know. It does have an ABSURD volume of really good looking wallpapers, however. Don't get lost browsing! And stop looking at Selena Gomez you dirty old man! She's like your kid! Pervert.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

As the Kids Say On The Interenet: "------------->>>>>>> THIS!!!!!!!"

Thank you Al Gore. Thank you forever, for creating this thing our yours!

Monday, October 21, 2013

"How 'Bout A Little Fire, Scarecrow!"

What part of "get out of bounds" does Robert Griffin III not understand?

Nobody has been a bigger, in-the-tank, hopeless bromance, man-crush supporter of this guy than me.


But I've just about had it.

At least 3 times on Sunday against the Bears, Griffin took needless shots at the sideline. One of those I am certain, was an attempt to bait Charles Tillman (ironically, the "other" most famous product of Copperas Cove, TX) into getting a 15 yard penalty.

I know this, because Griffin himself essentially bragged about trying to bait defenders into the extra 15 yards.

In this instance, Griffin lingered too long well inside the white chalk (where they give QB's EVERY benefit of the doubt) and Tillman BLASTED him in the upper body, sending him careening to the ground.

Utterly stupid.

Another time, Griffin cut back INTO the field of play to gain literally ONE extra yard, and take a hit in the process.

This madness has to stop. Period. In a league where two QB's went down Sunday less than 2 feet from the boundary (Nick Foles in Philly - stupidest play in the NFL this year, and Sam Bradford - running for his life) this game Griffin is playing is patently insane.

Listener Neil Jacobs submits the following.
I think RGMe should receive a "C-" on his performance yesterday against the Bears. Sure he was, as Coach Sheehan said this morning, "spectacular" in moments, but his long term prognosis is not good. The first thing that Me established yesterday was that he has learned nothing from his 2 past knee injuries, and last year's concussion. He has failed to show that he understands that sacrificing 1-3 extra yards, is not worth the vicious punishment his body is taking. His hubris seems to force him to go for the extra 1 or 2 yards, while risking his, and his teams, future. That's not leadership, its his selfishness and need to be the sacrificing martyr. 
His throwing skills have seemingly diminished, and has regressed to receiver lock, where he does not seemingly see wide open receivers. Additionally, his instincts have regressed as the pick, and the TD throw showed. Sure Robinson scored, but it should have been a INT, and it will be 8/10 times he tries that. 
Sure he sets up the read option well, but his reckless and careless disregard to his own body will, within a short period of time, be his undoing . . . once again. Though he may be intelligent, he certainly plays stupid. Unfortunately he is a modern day Icarus, who's feathers are clearly melting off, but his narcissism won't allow him to do anything about it. 
Agreed. 1000%

Playing with fire. Just a matter of time.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The NFL's Blurred Lines on Dirty HIts, Flags and Fines

This league...this.. league.

So if you wanted to know more about exactly how, why, and who decides what players have money stolen from their paychecks on Monday get fined for illegal and/or dangerous hits, well then watch this video. Or, if you don't have time, I'll summarize.

They just sorta make it up as they go. And by "they", I mean, Merton Hanks.

For example, Ndamakon Suh, a dirty player make no mistake, hits Brandon Weeden a SPLIT second after he releases the football with his helmet SLIGHTLY tilted downward.

No penalty on the play, but the NFL's spiffy "war room" of bureaucrats (talk about wasted manpower!) somehow decide that he now owes the league $31,500.

Why such an oddly specific number?

We never find out in this piece. We only get an incredulous Andrea Kremer reminding Hanks that no amount of fines seems to effect Suh's play on the field. In fact, if the league was really worried about these hits, they would have to ask the basic question: "Is our current program actually REDUCING the number of them?"

I would bet the answer is no, but then again somebody has to fund the league Christmas party!

As for all the other dangerous hits they looked at, well, as Hanks points out "it turned out to be much to do about nothing."

Oh, good. Got it. You and a dozen paid league staffers sit around in an expensive war room, and then just let Hanks wing it.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Will Google Glass Make Watching Live Baseball Somehow Awesome?

Oh, I doubt it. But if you love baseball, then you don't need Google Glass in the first place, now do you?

Still, I am somewhat intrigued by the possibilities.

Could Google Glass someday super-impose a live blue-line "tracer" on batted balls, pitched balls? Could it deliver HD replays from multiple camera angles, right to your face? Could it scan the crowd for attractive females within a specific age and weight demographic?

In theory, ALL of that is well, "possible."

But at the end of it all, you are still at... shudder... a baseball game.

The real joy of going to live baseball games, is as time honored and truthful as falling asleep under an oak tree with a bottle of sour mash at your side.

Getting drunk. Hammered, if possible.

And so, with that in mind, I figured I would compile and present a short list of some of  my favorite "Drunk Moments in Baseball History", powered by Google (the plain old search engine) and not the fancy schmantzy glasses.


Phillies "Tazer Boy"

 Unknown Streaker

 White Trash William Legue and Son Attack Ump

 Drunky McRoyals Mom

Unknown Fat Guy

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Of Course This Duke Basketball Photo Was Going To Be A Problem

Because America - or really, liberal mainstream media America - has lost their rational minds over guns.

Let's review.

1. We send non-basketball playing boys the same age to war, with guns, just like this.
2. Their coach, Mike Kryziewski went to WEST POINT!
3. The players are not brandishing the guns in any wanna-be gang-banger way, or pointing them at the guy taking the photo. (Well, one player has very bad trigger discipline. Ok.)

And GET THIS... they are NOT even real guns! They are laser simulators, with a pneumatic air-hose attachment meant to simulate the recoil on an AR-15.

Oh, and I suppose it's just fine to "mainstream" weapons and fictional violence in video game ads.

But hey, whatever makes you feel "sensitive."


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Need to Pay These Guys

Wouldn't it be super to think about what a poor, exploited, stutent-athlete like Oklahoma's now-suspended WR Trey Metoyer would do with his Jay-Bilas-Endorsed cash payment for being a D1 player?

Perhaps he could afford a newer, nicer car, in which to stalk innocent female victims and masturbate to them while in park.
“The victim advised she was on a balcony smoking a cigarette when she observed the black male driving through the parking lot ? in a red Grand Am,” states the affidavit of the Aug. 29 incident. “The black male backed up and pulled into a parking spot. The victim noticed a short time later that the black male had his (genitals) exposed while sitting in the car (performing a lewd act).”
 If only Metoyer had his $10,000 per quarter "salary" from everyone who thinks these kids are so "exploited." Maybe he could buy more tattoos. Although it looks like he'e running out of space.

Bottom line is the same as it ever was: these players have the DEAL OF A LIFETIME, if they want to take advantage of it. Many, do not. And since the NCAA isn't doing anything illegal, and since there is no SHORTAGE of willing D1 scholarship players in football and basketball, then the appropriate course of action is....... (drumroll)...


The system is fine. It's a fantastic deal. There are people waiting in line to take perverted Trey's full ride.

But go ahead, folks. Write your fairytale blog posts about these poor kids, being exploited sweatshop workers. Whatever makes you feel good.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brian Wilson Has Nothin' On This Guy!

Okay everybody, all at once.... "EwwwwwwwWWWWWW!"


Monday, October 14, 2013

Snickies du Jour: The Lovely TV Commercial Gingers

This is an incomplete little list, to be sure, but I can't help but notice the lovely and exotic redheads that are appearing all over the tele during commercials these days.

Here's some of my faves....

1. The Audi TDI "Diesel" Redhead. Mature. Clean lines. Professional. Poised. Nice.
2. The Wendy's redhead. Sorta annoying. Overly perky. But likes fast food. Plus.
3. The Sprint Zombie redhead. Wholesome. But awfully young. Swear she's in high school. Creepy.

Now, there's an ad with a stunning looking redhead (I think) who has radiantly blue eyes (might be contacts or photoshopped) who wears many different "uniforms." Firefighter. Doctor. Etc. Can't find her on the web for the life of me.

If you know who I am talking about and have a link/picture, drop me an email. Or, if there are other "commercial redheads" who are bringing the heat, by all means let me know!

My Two Favorite College Football Sights of the Weekend

This GIF shows the kind of sportsmanship one LIKES to see from Johnny Autograph, not the childish and stupid money signs he was making earlier in the season. Genuine player-to-player respect, even after a hard fought SEC battle. Nice.

And of course, there's this one of nervous Utah co-eds, desperately trying to survive the tension of their school's big upset of Stanford. Kinda makes you wish you could go back to college, doesn't it?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Bird Standard

If you want a quick snapshot of what has made the St. Louis Cardinals the NL equivalent of the Yankees - minus the $220 million payroll and all the tabloid drama - Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch provides the raw numbers.

Since Bill DeWitt Jr. took ownership of the franchise before the 1996 season, the Cardinals have won 60 postseason games, more than any MLB franchise except the Yankees. 
The Birds on the Bat have won three NL pennants and two more World Series in DeWitt's days. They have won 15 postseason series and are now 9-2 in the NLDS. The Cardinals are competing in their eighth NLCS since 2000 and their ninth in DeWitt’s 18 seasons as owner. 
Here's the number of postseason wins by current NL Central teams since DeWitt purchased the Cardinals from Anheuser-Busch in the winter of 1995:  
Cardinals 60.  
Brewers 6.  
Cubs 6.  
Pirates 3.  
Reds 2.  
(The Astros, who moved to the AL West this season, won 15 postseason games as a member of the NL Central between 1996 and 2012.)  
While saluting his team’s excellent season, Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle praised the Cardinals for establishing the winning standard that the Pirates and so many others aspire to. 
“This club here, the St. Louis Cardinals organization, has gotten used to this,” Hurdle said. “The sustainability is what separates great organizations.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You Can Stop Looking for those Handy E-Mail Tabs in Yahoo's New and "Improved" Interface...

..... because they got rid of them.


Look, I don't want to be "that guy" who bitches about a wonderful, absolutely FREE service. You know, one that Yahoo is providing me in the form of the very sleek, easy to remember contact address of

It is one that currently houses some 50,000 emails of mine and is the one and only email I actually check. (Other "feeder emails" get bounced to this account, like the ESPN980 one and the other on Yahoo Sports Radio).

Like Chico Esquela once said about baseball: "Yahoo email has been beddy beddy good to me..."

But holy hell you purple demons! Why. Why oh why oh why??????

Tab opening emails WAS MY GO TO MOVE Jerry! I used it ALL THE TIME! Especially on the radio, when I wanted to read 2 or 3 in a row, without having to either...

a. Print them
b. Open an entirely new browser window
c. Search for them in some temporary folder.

Nope. That feature is gone, gone, gone.

And of course, I had to GOOGLE SEARCH IT (take that, Yahoo! I'm using somebody else for SEARCH! Bwhahahahah!) to find out.

'Twould be nice, dontchathink, if Yahoo could make a big bold simple page that said basically, here's what's new, here's what's gone, and (if they were feeling generous in their reasoning) explain the thinking or rationale behind each one.

Ahhhh. Never mind.

I found this article which basically deals with it all.

Have a nice Wednesday. If you are like me, Yahoo just stole at least an hour of your life.

But I'm not bitching. Thank you, Yahoo, for the free email.

PS: Please don't hack my account. Thank you.

/slinks away quietly

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sticker Shock Hits Obamacare Fanboys in California

God, this is funny.

And yet, utterly depressing. Because you KNOW these people are STILL going to vote for Democrats as long as they live, wanting so badly to believe the "pretty lies" they are told.

Even when it is CRUSHING their bank accounts.
"I was laughing at Boehner -- until the mail came today,"Waschura said, referring to House Speaker John Boehner, who is leading the Republican charge to defund Obamacare.
"I really don't like the Republican tactics, but at least now I can understand why they are so pissed about this. When you take $10,000 out of my family's pocket each year, that's otherwise disposable income or retirement savings that will not be going into our local economy." 
Both Vinson and Waschura have adjusted gross incomes greater than four times the federal poverty level -- the cutoff for a tax credit. And while both said they anticipated their rates would go up, they didn't realize they would rise so much. 
"Of course, I want people to have health care," Vinson said. "I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally."
So I guess that whole, "your premiums will do down by $2700 a year" was uh, what, exactly?

I hope it gets even MORE expensive for them. And may the waiting list for seeing a doctor someday for a future life threatening illness be long, and painful.

/cue Clark Griswold: "Hallelujiah, holy sh**, where's the Tylenol!"

Generational Respect

I'll admit: I am a sucker for displays of "old school" to "new school" respect among players of different generations.

And for that matter, also a sucker for simple player-to-player respect in sports.

It is why I love the handshake line in hockey, the quarterback-to-quarterback embrace in football, and the quaint tradition of golfers removing their hats following a round while shaking hands.

Respect. Sportsmanship. Still cool to me, at least.

Too many old dudes these days are bitter about the money they didn't make, regretful of the toll their body took,  sick of the hype of ESPN, and always ready to claim that "these NEW guys, couldn't hold a candle to us, BACK IN THE DAY!"

Well, for starters, gramps: no, you're wrong.

Basically every new superstar is BETTER at the sport, than you were. Granted, some of the old dudes were certainly more CLUTCH or ARTISTIC in their sport than the new breed is, or ever will be. Or their personality and will to win was more MAGNETIC to the sporting public.

But sports advance, and so do athletes. Relentlessly. Training gets better. Skillsets evolve and accelerate. The desire to continually re-set the bar higher, and higher, never goes away.

It does not negate at all, what you did IN YOUR TIME, and given the training of the day. But the bottom line is undeniable: the current crop of players - and you can pick the sport - are nothing short of fucking phenomenal.


Oh yes, I know. Today's start are much bigger pricks, far too caught up in "the lifestyle" and more sensitive than a baby with a diaper rash when it comes to criticism.

But they are damn good. And objectively speaking, better.

So it was really cool to see a genuine ICON, like Sandy F'in Koufax have this moment with Clayton Kershaw.

Koufax, who appears in public about as often as than Punxsutawney Phil, is both happy for Kershaw and truly in admiration of this young S-T-U-D. And Kershaw gives it right back.

This is why we are sports fans. And it never gets old. At least not to me.