Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Audacity of Glass

How long is it until Barry decides to just ditch the prompter, relies on notecards, and maybe shortens his blowhardery just a bit?

That, and some practice.

Because the teleprompter king keeps tripping over his transparently projected words.

Here's the latest....

But remember, he's brilliant. And Bush was a moron. Okay. Let's not lose sight of that.

I mean, it's not like when Bush - that Texas bumpkin! - decided to choke the air with greenhouse gasses, use military resources on a photo op, and scare the living shit out of 8 million people in New York City by buzzing the still rebuilding World Trade Center site with a needless fly-by of an empty Air Force One!

Oh, wait a minute. That wasn't Bush.... never mind.

But hey, maybe that teleprompter will be an inspiration to all of us in America. We too can be anything we want, as long as the words are written for us, and projected 5 feet in front of our face!

Meanwhile, I had no idea how creatively funny the photoshop-osphere could be!

Bush. That idiot.


  1. Really? That what your argument is down to? A teleprompter? Instead of blindly following party lines, maybe you could remove your head from the elephant's butt.

  2. No, dimwit, the argument is the same. When did this happen? Where has it been in the news, on the talk shows, lampooned at every turn? Nowhere. Because the media cannot speak ill of the chosen one. Now the he has been anointed by them they have to keep the ruse going.

    This has nothing to do with party lines. Except for you...

  3. Steve is a bitter bitter man and a sore loser. Good luck with the Incredibly Shrinking Party.

  4. Here's the problem:

    Everyone from the man himself to his handlers/puppeteers/adoring media whores said this guys was sooooooooooo much smarter than Bush, or for that matter, us.

    He has the "highest IQ" of any President, blah blah blah

    When you get that kind of snobbery, and then go in there and look like an imbecile and people are STILL going with the whole smart thing? It makes our country a joke.

    This guy can't even say HELLO without it being on a teleprompter.

    I just want someone to put in "Go fuck yourself, San Diego." into the TOTUS to see what happens

  5. Where's the link to him saying he's "sooooo (I'll leave out the rest of the 'o's" smarter than Bush"?

    I love the right's tendency to throw out unsupportable statements and label them as fact without any evidence.

  6. Good luck with being marginalized to a regional political party.

  7. Hey...on the plus side, at least he can read a teleprompter. Because given all of Bush's gufaws and verbal fumbling, it would seem he could not even do that.

  8. This is the best that Obama bashing that Czabe can muster? Teleprompter slams? (although the Photoshop stuff is damn funny). You can smell the desparate need to make some "pointed" comparisons to Bush. Look, Steve, stick to sports analysis -- your political commentary is akin to Bobby Flay opining on waterboarding (and just as eye-rolling).