Monday, April 27, 2009

False Hope

I don’t mean to dash any Redskin fans from booking Super Bowl reservations, but let’s remember one key thing about Saturday’s draft in which Dan Snyder failed to land the object of his desire - QB Mark Sanchez - and had to settle for simply the best player on the board, in a position of need.

They still tried to trade up anyway.

See that’s the thing that hit me driving home from our radio coverage on ESPN980.

We still tried.

So in other words, I’m reluctant to say that Snyder has “learned” or that there’s a new, smarter “philosophy” at work in Redskinland.

There’s not.

And we still have the QB that management clearly doesn’t like.

Now as far as Brian Orakpo goes. Fabulous. Kid looks like a monster. Let’s hope he can play. I say this because OT Mike Williams looked like a beast coming out of Texas too. The Skins landed him this week with nothing more than a phone call and a free sandwich.

Problem is, Williams was - and has been - long since out the league. But hey, maybe two full years of inactivity has done him good.

Vinny Cerrato joked and cackled that Buffalo didn’t want Orakpo because they had such a bad experience with Texas guys like Williams and Derrick Dockery.

“So now, we’ve got all their Texas guys,” cackled Vinny like a school kid.

The cackle said it all.

1. I’m a buffoon. What other NFL GM looks and sounds like I do? Answer: none.

2. Those Bills are IDIOTS! Not drafting a guy just because he went to a certain school! Ha! We’re so much more sophisticated than that! Like when we drafted a punter last year. Watched him get beat out in training camp. Cut the other guy anyway, because we wanted to say we went “10 for 10” on draft picks making the team. Then watched the rookie screw up holds, shank crucial punts inside our own territory. Then we denied their was a problem to the media for about 3 weeks, and then had to cut the kid anyway and bring in a dude from Yeah. Those Bills are clowns.

Essentially what happened was this: the Jets both had the goods to deal (a 2nd rounder would have come in handy, what did we do with tha… oh… that’s right. Jason Taylor. Hmm. Oh well. Seemed like a good idea at the time..) and the cheap warm bodies that Eric Mangini thinks can help him.

I’m not even sure the Redskins #1 and #2 next year would have been enough. It was apparently an inside job all the way.

And the Jets can have Mark Dirty Sanchez.

The guy is a PROSPECT. Period. Taking him “naked” at #13 without paying anything to move up would have been risky enough.

Steve Young raved on ESPN that he was impressed with how Sanchez carried himself. Called him “presidential” in his business demeanor.


Notice how most USC QB’s are throwing to dudes who are at least 4 steps behind their defenders? Yeah. That happens all the time in the pros, too.

I’m amazed that when Matt Leinart, slipped to 10, it was like a MAJOR SCANDAL! And Leinart had a chest full of college football medals that made him look like Col. Nathan Jessup in “A Few Good Men” compared to Sanchez.

And yet, nobody it seems, wanted to explore the whole “maybe we’re just suckers for handsome QB’s from a dominant program” theory.

So the Skins were thwarted in their quest for more stupidity by the Jets and Browns, but don’t think that will keep ‘em down for long.

In the meantime, I hope Orakpo is just half as mean as he looks. If so, we might just have a defense that can wreak some havoc, not just pile up decent yards/against numbers.

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