Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quickrete, Purple Martins, and Clover

Because blogs can be such empty intellectual calories, why not let you loyal readers know about three things that are about as significant as a pimple on Rosie's ass?

So here we go...

The Good!

Hey, I can't believe it! My $96 (plus shipping) purple martin house has attracted some tenants! Cute little buggers, I must say. They buzz around like freakin' bats! I was very skeptical that I would get any of them to find this lovely birdie condo just 2.5 months after I threw it up there, but lo and behold!

Then you had my ongoing quickrete drama with Bob and Brian. Who knew that mixing up some bags of quickcrete would be so complicated, but I suppose you have to screw it up a few times first, before you get the hang of it. Here's my crude effort on the tee pad. Looks like a grey rice krispy treat, no? This is what happens when you are too cheap to buy a trowel, don't use the proper amount of bags for a full 2 or 4 inch thick slab, and spend only 5 minutes running a 2x4 over it to level. Still, with the range mat on top, it'll be jiffy spiffy for my needs. Next tee box, I promise to do better.

Now, to the bane of my lawn existence! Freaking white clover! I know that I can attack this crap with a post-emergent (the pre-emergent weed n' feed did nothing). And I plan to do just that. I also know that clover helps put nitrogen INTO the soil - a concept that sorta threw me for a loop, but the more I read about it the more I "get it." I also think that a quick hot spell here in the DC area caused the clover to really POP when a more gradual warm up would have allowed more of my grass to wake up and thrive.

Now, I'm off to Pinehurst for the annual golf trip. I plan to bring the ol' digicam. Let's hope some incriminating photos to follow!

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