Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get Your US Open Picks In, Donkeys!

Okay, golf fans! Get ready for our 2nd installment of Czabe's Major Challenge. It's absolutely free, and the first prize this time is an awesome little something called a "Beer Tube."

What in the hell is a beer tube? Well, check out their handy website!

I got a couple of promo tubes myself this week, and they are wicked cool awesome! A perfect compliment to any home bar, tailgate, or professional drink establishment, I love the fact that I can gently pour my favorite Leinie's (Summer Shandy) into a big ol' tube, and serve it up to party folk at my house!

Hell, I'll even autograph the winning tube!

Unless I win, which I still aim to do with my picks. So here goes, on who I like, and who I don't this week at Bethpage.

Group 1
Tiger - duh. I'd be shocked if doesn't win this week.
(Note: Why Paul Casey is in the elite group, is beyond my grasp.)

Group 2
Camillo Villegas - Doesn't putt well enough typically for slick US Open greens, but Bethpage's surfaces are flatter than most US Open venues. Plus, he's got the massive forearm guns to whack it out of the deep stuff.

Group 3
Sean O'Hair - I think this cat has a breakout week coming. His action is so pure, and he hits it long enough to compete on this monster track.

Group 4
Angel Cabrera - I mean, you gotta take El Pato here. Martin Kaymer and Alvaro Quiros?

Group 5
Ben Curtis - Watch, this dude will GRIND out there. He's the quintessential US Open darkhorse.

Group 6
Justin Rose - Best pick of a scraggly lot. Hope you didn't take Trevor. He's a scratch with a wrist injury.

Group 7
Hunter Mahan - Guy is off his form after last fall's Ryder Cup. Still, Mahan is DA-man, if you ask me!

Group 8
Andres Romero - I've been pimpin' this kid as the next great thing for a while. Now, stop making me look stupid, and do something boy!

Group 9
D.J. Trahan - Um, why not. Brian Gay is just happy to be there, and likely spent after his barrage in Tennessee. And David Smail? The judge's kid? Huh?

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  1. Czabe,

    Big fan, love the show. I tried signing up for your contest, but stopped short after trying to fill out the registration page. Clearly, in today's World Wide Interweb, I'm not going to give your contest company more personal information than I have to give on my tax returns. Seriously, do you need address, phone number, email etc? Call me a paranoid loon, but I have enough crap email/junk mail/telemarketers in my life....

    Say hi to B&B for me...

    Maz from Menomonee Falls