Thursday, June 18, 2009


I remember seeing old photos of Dr. J wearing pimp-tacular get ups back in the day, but I don't ever recall him wearing cheezy t-shirts blaring his personal stats or awards.

LeBron? Well, he's "New School" in that regard.

Never mind that his team lost a series in which they were a staggering -800 on the Las Vegas line to win. Never mind that he acted like a spoiled little jackass by not shaking anybody's hand on his stomp off the court.


Just remember. He's the MVP, and he's got the t-shirt to prove it.

Maybe now LeBron can get the Nike puppet of himself for his right hand and the puppet can conduct all future media interviews the REAL LeBron doesn't want to do himself.


  1. I like Lebron but this is stupid. For a guy who has done everything right so far in his career the last 2 monts he has acted ignorant. Would Tiger wear a tshirt proclaiming 14 (or 15 if mother nature lets up.) Michael was the most arrogant guy ever and he wouldn't rock a self proclaiming tshirt. I mean this is something that TO or Ochocinco would do but LBJ? He is supposed to be above this lowly behavior. But he does play in the NBA so how much can we really expect out of one of there superstars.

  2. Hey Josh,
    Michael who? Jordan? He was the most arrogant guy ever?

    Then Tiger Woods is equally as arrogant. Check the dictionary for the definition of arrogant. MJ was never 'arrogant' judging from anything I have ever seen (after watching him as often as possible for 15 years).

    MJ was extremely self-confident in his abilities and was rip-your-throat-out-even though-its-Bulls/Clippers-in-the-middle-of-January competitive. Tiger has the exact same personality, and i don't think of Tiger as 'arrogant'.

    LBJ and Kobe and whoever else comes along will never be better than MJ, who still easily is the greatest basketball player ever.

    So in the event you were referring to Michael Vick, I apologize, but don't be ignorantly dissin the REAL no. 23.

    ps: The mere fact that lBJ took the #23 speaks volumes as about how in love he is with himself... pretty pathetic

  3. I really didn't mean it as a diss. I don't consider arrogance to always be a negative trait. I agree MJ and TWoods have similar cut there opponents heart out and stomp on it that LBJ lacks. MJ was the greatest and thats coming from a life long Pistons fan. My point was MJ was a self promoter but he would never have individualized himself by wearing an MVP shirt 1 week after the Bad Boys won the Title. We are a witness, a witness to immaturity

  4. Wait a minute. Jordan had a logo of himself on every article of clothing he wore. Tiger wears hats, shirts, and gloves that say oNe. Should he take those off after he loses a tournament?

    The outrage over this is funny. Nobody cares that Kobe wore a shirt with a puppet hand and four rings on it.

    And William- so now no one is allowed to wear #23? You're kidding, right? Only the Bulls and Heat (for a reason that no one can quite figure out) have retired Jordan's 23. Jordan is not God, and he sure as hell ain't as important as Jackie Robinson to baseball.

    To say LeBron will never be better than MJ is foolish. His numbers are already trending better, he's a better passer, he's had no help whatsoever up until this year... now he just needs championships.

  5. Thomas P, LBJ's numbers aren't trending better btw, and he's not a better passer, are u nuts? (Mj played point for a large portion of a season when they needed him and was outstanding)

    LBL is no slouch on defense will never be regarded as a better defender (MJ All NBA Defensive first team 9 times, every year while leading the league in scoring...think of that for a minute).

    "He's (LBJ) had no help whatsoever"...

    Try MJ's first five years... Dave f-ing Corzine in the paint.. give me a break, until Pip, MJ literally carried that team. Even after Pip, nothing ever in terms of a dominant presence at center ... ever. And we all know how dominant centers can take the pressure and constant attention off of a star guard or forward... see Abdul Jabbar, Kareem..

    LbJ has zero chance of winning 6 rings either... had MJ not played baseball there's a very good chance he'd have 8... somehow I think he'd have handled the Rockets in those two lost years...

    LBJ and Kobe will go down as great b/c they are. Magic and Bird were great too, both both will without hesitation say MJ is easily the best ever.

    Not a chance in living hell that LBJ will be regarded as better than MJ when its all over. Not an f-ing chance.

    Rant over...

  6. First, and foremost, LeBron is a better passer. He makes passes that we haven't seen since Magic Johnson. MJ averaged 5.3 apg, and as he started winning championships, his assists per game went lower and lower.

    MJ was and will always be a better shooter and probably a better defender as well. But here are the numbers:

    MJ- 30.1, 6.2, 5.3. LBJ- 27.5, 7.0, 6.7. Those are points, rebounds, and assists per game respectively.

    So Michael did all this without a dominant center? LeBron had Ilguaskus and Varejao last season, and an over the hill Ben Wallace. I'll trade you all three of those guys straight up for Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant in their respective primes. LeBron's next best scoring option for his career is a 6'1" (maybe) point guard/2 guard who disappeared in the playoffs. You want to trade him for Pippen?

    Also, to say that LeBron won't get 6 is a little premature, isn't it? Michael didn't win one until his 7th year, and LeBron was younger as a rookie.

    When you say "played baseball" you mean "was asked to leave the league for his gambling" right?

    Finally, I wouldn't put words in Magic or Bird's mouth if I were you. I'm going to guess that you've never spoken to either of them.

    Your rant sucks.