Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Suck It Up, Sergio

Recently Sergio Garcia blamed his current slump in play on the breakup with his girlfriend, Greg Norman's daughter, Morgan Leigh. Said Sergio: “"I haven't been hitting the ball well. I think it's been a mix of probably being a little bit down and not really feeling like playing much. Obviously your head is not in the right place and you're not thinking the right things, and that affects your game because your mentality is not where it should be."

REACT: Loser. This is why the guy is never going to win a major. NEVER. If he's not mentally tough enough to get over dumping a chick who's not even that hot, then he's got real issues. Plus, isn't it typical Sergio, to blame his bad play on someone, or something, other than the guy holding the club?


Dan Marino must really want to get rid of his awesome Ft. Lauderdale crib. This Wall Street Journal article says dapper Dan is throwing in furniture and – ONE - signed football to close the deal in these difficult real estate times. I'd be willing to throw in a bid, if only he would include the resignation pen he used to quit his job as GM of the Fish after like, what, 2 weeks of hard golfing... er... office work.


Mike Tyson didn't let a little life nuisance like a “treadmill-icide” of his toddler daughter get in the way of moving forward. So he got married for the 3rd time this week in Vegas. Attaboy, Mike! And if you are his new bride, don't you just feel like the next bull rider trying to stay on this marriage for the requisite 8 seconds so you can advance to the money round? Or maybe, she's in love. You can never really tell with kids today. Mazel, mazel, Mikey! TMZ has the details.

TMZ obtained a copy of Tyson's State of Nevada Marriage Certificate -- which made the intimate ceremony at the Las Vegas Hilton official. Tyson and Lahika Spicer tied the knot without the presence of invited guests. Sources close to the situation tell TMZ the wedding was exceptionally emotional. However, we're told the mourning couple decided not to bring up the death of their 4-year-old daughter during the 15 minute ceremony.


Heath Shuler once authored a 5 INT game with the Redskins as a rookie. He allegedly had one of the lowest Wonderlic scores for a QB in draft history. Nice fella. Dumb as a Tennessee hound dog. Now, he's found his niche. Politics. Land of the hopelessly stupid, crooked, and vain. Not to mention ugly. But whoa, check this out! Maybe Heath ain't so dumb after all! He's figured out that as a member of Congress, he can use his leverage for all kinds of sweetheart deals. Yay, corruption!


  1. Now that ol' Heath is back in town, he will be more than welcome to come out and visit with Danny at his playhouse.

  2. Everyone knows Sergio is gay. As far as Dan Marino I can only think of one thing. Remember when he used to throw an int and mysteriously make his way to the sidelines, even if it was on the other teams side of the field. I think that is hilarious what kind of football player uses the opposing teams sideline as his own personal safety zone. That opitimizes why Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, he simply didn't have that IT gene. Elway, Young, Farve would be trying to make a takle not hide. But i digress, to Heath Shuler. Why has America become obsessed with popularity contests? I mean, our political system is being turned into american idol. I guess what makes me more angry is... its freaking Heath Shuler! Wait about 20 years and I can see it, "I'd like to welcome the new Mayor of Los Angeles Paris Hilton!"