Friday, February 26, 2010

Cable Storm: Hannah

Sorry about the gap in posts and podcasts this week. As you likely know, I have been in Disney on a Work-cation with the family.

The "Worldwide Leader" has been "re-branding" and "re-imagining" the former "Disney Wide World of Sports, into the "ESPN Wide World of Sports."

Get it?

It's even more, ESPN-ized!

The junket has been first class all the way. Comped everything, a personal "liason" for me and Andy, swag, gifts, the whole deal.

The only bummer was the weather: as you can see above, our concourse location would be wonderful if it was only 69 degrees, not 49 degrees.

But I'm not bitching.

I got to say hello to one-time Comcast SportsNet DC anchoress extraordinaire Sage Steele, now holding down the mid-days on ESPN's "SportsCenter" with fashion, savvy, and skillz.

Sage is awesome, and incredibly down to earth for somebody both so talented, and so ridiculously good looking. You might think she's a diva, but you would be wrong.

She gave me some interesting scoop on the whole Hannah Storm-Tony K. kerfuffle. I won't cite it here, lest she too get in trouble. But she did say that every woman on television today - especially those in the frat house that is ESPN - knows what a certain outfit might or might not mean the minute they put it on.

My big argument on the Storm thing is this: by letting Storm go on the air with that get up, they gave it de-facto APPROVAL. So why then didn't ESPN simply say: "Tony is entitled to his opinion. We think Ms. Storm dresses appropriately for the job, and looks fabulously doing it. Too bad Tony is such a prude."

Well, I know why they didn't just say that. Sexual harassment laws, employee-on-employee crime, yada yada yada.

My argument to Sage, was more direct. I said, "yeah, Sage, but I've seen YOU wear boots too!"

"Yeah, but with a lot more clothing on top of them."

To which I said: "But to a lot of us, that doesn't matter, girl. When you rock the boots, you ROCK the boots. We wouldn't know if you had a burqa on top."

Which really gets to the point of it all. As men, certain women just "do it" for you. It may be the boots, the skirt, the smile, or the way they talk.


  1. I was watching Mike and Mike the other morning, only because I can't bear Screamin' A., and on their backdrop perfectly centered between the two was the word DICKS.
    I know it was just product placement for their show sponsor Dick's sporting goods but I gotta believe that at least one person from their show saw the irony.

  2. Sage Steele is absolutely AWESOME! I will watch anything if she is part of it. Hannah Storm, looks ridiculous in the above photo. LMAO!

  3. Damn...I logged on hoping you'd post a sizzling article about all that is wrong with the WWL and this is all we got.

  4. So Czabe, which one of us brought down the bad mojo on Orlando last week? I was at the Swan Resort just down the street on business, and in the period of three days we went from mid-70s and not a cloud in the sky to raining and 50s and killer whales on the rampage. Memo to Hannah Storm; it's called "age appropriate dressing". What, you couldn't find your Flashdance ripped sweatshirt and leg warmers and decided instead to rock the "Cougar who fashions herself a naughty schoolgirl" look in lieu of? Classy, really classy. Courtney Cox can do Cougar and not look desperate and creepy, and Hannah you are no Courtney Cox.