Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Four Word YouTube Classics

In case you missed it, the inventor of the trampoline died last week.

George Nissen, 96, who as a teenage gymnast was inspired to invent the modern trampoline after watching trapeze artists bounce off a safety net, died April 7 at a hospital in La Jolla, Calif. He had complications from pneumonia.

He "was a true sports pioneer," Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics, the sport's national governing body, said in a statement. "His vision, innovations and passion sowed the seeds for trampoline's worldwide popularity.

More than 60 years after Mr. Nissen tested his first workable prototype, trampoline debuted as a medal sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

An early prototype crafted from canvas and junkyard scraps gave way to his first usable model, developed in 1934 from strips of inner-tube rubber while he was a University of Iowa student.

While listening to Tony Kornheiser's radio show on Tuesday, Kevin Sheehan brought this story up, because Tony and the fellas at PTI have played a classic trampoline clip for years on that show bumping out to break.

For no other reason, than it is hilarious.

And that clip, is simply "Bear Falls on Trampoline."

A snarky emailer said: "I'd imagine a bear will show up at Mr. Nissen's funeral and say a few nice words."


A trampoline saved this bear's life.

Which got me to thinking....

"What YouTube classics, that can be described in 4 words or less, are absolute Hall of Fame worthy?"

Here's a short list. You may add your favorites to the list.

Boom Goes the Dynomite!

Boo, Ben Konop

Dog Picks Up Fireworks

Charlie Bit My Finger

Leroy Jenkins, World of Warcraft (okay, 5 words, sue me!)

Don't Taze Me Bro!

TV Reporter Goes Ghetto


  1. where are the cheetos?


    Thaz like an Alarm Clock~!

    Grape Lady:

    Actually, Steve. Welcome to the internet. You should by now have seen everything at this site:

    happy surfing.

  3. I can't believe you forgot this... Bacon Is Good For Me (5 words I know - you cheat, I cheat)

  4. Goat Screams Like Usher

  5. I love the Boo, Ben Konop. I never saw that one before. I would like to add a couple:

    Sprinkler Rainbow = Global Warming

    Backyard Bear

  6. Grape Lady Falls

    this is a classic! so much so that Family Guy spoofed on it.