Monday, April 19, 2010

"Is There A Green Jacket Discount On A Dozen Glazed?"

So I'm not sure if this the coolest thing ever, or the wankiest.

Yes, this is really Phil Mickelson, really driving his kids in the van/car through the drive through at Dunkin Donuts on the Monday after the Masters on his way out of Augusta.

I'm leaning toward: really cool.

But I can understand those who might think it wanky. He just HAD to wear the jacket, eh? He probably BEGGED the guy in the drive through to take his photo. He probably said "hey, email me that, so I can make sure it gets onto the internet."

Now, if only Tiger wins the Green Jacket again, and we get a leaked TwitPic of a hot-ass Vegas cocktail waitress wearing NOTHING BUT the green jacket as she exits the hotel bathroom with her hair all a tussled.

Can you even imagine: a green jacket, smelling like the scent of a woman and her perfume. Wow.

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