Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wheeee! What Fun This Is!!!!

I'll admit that I groaned and rolled my eyes when the NFL decided to stretch out the Draft to three days. It seemed, at the time, as another crass commercial act of stretching the NFL product taffy too thin.

But after thinking about it, and now getting to watch it live in primetime, I must say: Kudos, league. Well played.

For those of us married/responsible/familymen out there, we never had Saturday at NOON - in late April, no less! - as an option to plop our fat middle aged asses on the couch to watch paint dry for 6 hours.

Soccer games, lawn mowing, honey-do lists, and the like always took priority over the draft. Few men I know in this spot, would brave the daggers of the Missus if you said: "Not today, sweetie. Gotta get my Mel Kiper on!"

So now the draft is placed more conveniently in the evening, and I will likely watch more this year than ever. Which should push the rating for the ol' NFL choose-em-up into record territory.

Last year, when you combine the ESPN coverage with the NFL Network numbers, the draft drew a 6.0+ rating!

Paint drying, people! Plus a few highlights!


Of course, you would think that the NBA and NHL would merely scoff at Lord Football daring to step into a white-hot cauldron of playoff games in prime time. You would think they would simply say: "Good luck, NFL. But we're gonna crush you!"

Um, no. Actually, the opposite!

Mark Cuban led the charge of the whiner brigade this week by saying: "I just don't think the NFL is playing themselves out to be a good partner," Cuban said, You can't operate professional sports in a vacuum."

Somebody cue D-X: "I've got two words for you, Cuban!"

Oh, I almost forgot. What's with the box of styrofoam peanuts?

Well, it represents what I think of the NFL draft. It's like that box of styrofoam peanuts that you would occasionally get as a kid when you parents ordered something in the mail.

You would get all hyped up and excited, jump in the box, splash around, throw the peanuts, have a giddy ol' time. This would last for an hour or so, and then you would lose interest.

Sorta like the NFL draft. Good harmless, cheap fun. But at the end of the day, it's just an empty box of foam peanuts.


  1. Genius move by the NFL. Great TV!

  2. As a single male, I am not as fond of the Prime time draft. For me, nothing was better than sitting down on a Saturday afternoon in front of the TV, enjoying a few Leinies (Especially Summer Wheat, it is so good), and watching the wonderful marathon that was Day 1 of the NFL draft. I mean 10 hours of Kiper and McShay arguing over whether a team reached for some random 2nd rounder was awesome.

  3. I can't argue with the foam peanuts analogy, Czabe, but I still enjoy the hell outta the draft. I've definitely heard all the arguments and statements from people talking about how pointless the draft is and why it gets too much coverage, and to be honest I can understand all of it. But every year, there I am, in front of the TV, watching with plenty of excitement.

  4. Good call, Czabe. When you're married with children, there's not a chance in hell to just sit and watch 3 consecutive hours of draft coverage...that was until they moved the draft to thursday night. It's about time Goodell did something I agree with.

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  6. The Draft belongs on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed getting out of the house and second guessing teams along with 100 other guys at my local sports bar. It is a "Event" on the weekend, unlike last night.