Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Rare Video Glimpse Inside Czabe's TV Room!

Masters Sunday is a sacred day for all of us golfers, and luckily I was able to make it home in order to watch in front of my glorious 226 inches of high definition screen real estate.

This wasn't exactly the case on Saturday, when I was up in Collegeville, PA visiting my brother and sister in law for their son's 1st Holy Communion.

Now, suffice to say, by watching this little clip below, taken on my iPhone, it wasn't the ideal venue. These little monsters were loud! Once upon a time, I might have stormed out of the house and retreated to a local watering hole all miffed. But, nah.

But I've mellowed over the years, so I was actually pretty happy. Alone in the basement with these animalsGod's children, I blissfully tuned out the ruckus, and watched on my bro-in-law's plenty sufficient HDTV.

By Sunday, I was firmly back on home soil, and until you have watched the Masters Triplecast like I can on my array of sets, you just haven't lived.

Nobody tell DirecTV that most of us would actually PAY for the extra "Amen Corner" and "15/16" coverage like we do for Sunday Ticket and Mega March Madness.


Let's just have them keep giving us free stuff!

So anyway, for those of you who have asked or wondered what the "Dome" must look like, here's your little sample.

Someday, if I ever get off my lazy ass, I will do a full write up of the Dome, with costs, specs, tech notes, and all the things I would do differently if I had the chance.

For now, though. Sit back, and get jealous.


Czabe's 5-Hour Energy Dome from Steve Czaban on Vimeo.


  1. Czabe,
    Are your brother's balls kept on display in a decorative box somewhere behind that "FAMILY" knick-knack?

  2. so the red and black outfit was just a co-inky dinky huh??

    and dont you get reflection off the plasmas from the (actual) projector?

  3. "But I've mellowed over the years"

    So no more throwing headphones?

  4. Sweet, I've always wanted to see what the 5 hour energy dome looked like. But I do have to say that the color on the left vizio seemed a bit off. Watching that clip the projector and the left screen were both on the same images, the projector gave a nice green hue to the grass, etc. while it appeared as though the left vizio was a bit washed out. It may just be the video camera angle though...

  5. Czabe, that 5-hour energy dome is O for fucken ORSUM man!!!!!!! what a way to enjoy sport. Thanks for the look behind the curtin. Cheers form New Zealand.

  6. Love the Dome, I have heard tales of it but have never beheld it's beauty. Thank you for that glimpse.
    I have a question: What do the Direct TV (or any service) guys say when they see this? I have cable hooked up to a 42" Samsung in my living room with Bose surround speakers (wired it myself, I must say, when we built)...and a matching 42" in my bedroom with more modestly priced Polk speakers, and the service guys drool when they come to fix our cable. And while I feel truly blessed with the setup we have, I can't imagine the sight of the jaws dragging on the floor when you get any service calls.

  7. I got a 40" Full HD LG, Sony PS3 with Sony Bravia 5.1. But I'm looking forward to Sony PS4 with a 40" Quad Full 3D HDTV next November.

  8. Czabe, I work for Sony in Madison, Wisconsin so it pains me to see those Vizios in the same room with the Sony projector. Time to upgrade, baby! When it's time, let's talk.

  9. Nice start, but...
    Having the dim projection flanked by the bright plasmas is distracting to watch. Bigger is not always better. Before (eventual) upgrade of center screen, I recommended adjusting display properties on all to match, including colors and brightness. Augusta's turf appeared different on each screen.