Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soccer Refs Are Really Hard To Fool

These guys are trained professionals, people. They know soccer inside and out, so don't think you can go flopping around, acting like you just got the Fritz Von Erich's claw or the Bobo Brazil coco-butt.

Because that kind of sissy nonsense isn't going to earn you a call.... wha.. wait?

Red card?

Are you freaking kidding me!???


  1. What a clip Czabe!

    I love the World Cup, because every 4 years we get the chance to be reminded what a stupid, lame, 3rd-world game soccer is.

    (Waiting to be told by soccer fans that I am just an ignorant American who doesn't understand the beautiful artistry and shit.)

  2. Hey Czabe!

    Knowing your love of the Vuvuzela, some web genius devised a way to combine the 2 best things in the world; the Vuvuzela and

    Put this link into your browser to enjoy the awesomeness of

    Make sure your sound is on to enjoy the awesome.

  3. Boy, the posts here are getting weaker and weaker. No write-up, no videos (of the red card offense) and just a couple of images?! C'mon Czabe, you can do better.

  4. I'm not sure which is more lame, the red card above or this blog entry.

    Oh right. Bad calls *never* happen in MLB, NBA and NFL.

  5. i agree, the posts are getting more blah and generic than ever and the podcast more sporadic - i hope its due to being busy trying to get back on the air and not that you've lost your touch due to lack of practice. i really thought you'd be blasting us with content during the hiatus.

  6. Too much opportunity for corruption It really is sad

  7. Check out any WR in the NFL or any slashing guard in the NBA trying to get a get the same thing.

  8. Great post. Soccer fans: trying to get a call in a real sport is not the same as floping like a girl to set up a goal in games that are normally decided by... a goal! This means whoever acts the bigger girl wins.
    They should take a page out of the NBA. Fine and suspend, for floping, after the game once the tapes are reviewed.