Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Somebody Cooking Soup?"

Of all the "peripheral" characters in the so-good-people-who-don't-watch-have-no-idea NBC hit comedy "The Office", perhaps my favorite is former Michael Scott "training buddy", the infamous Todd Packer.

Since I missed the first season or so of the show, I am just now catching some early episodes. Saw the episode: "The Carpet" last night.

Oh... my... god!!!

F'ing awesome!

I'm not going to play "spoiler" on the episode (just in case you come across it) but there's a line in that episode that ranks among the best of all time for the show.

As all the staff circles in and out of Michael's office to look at the god-awful, nose-curling stench left by a mystery person, office creep-o "Creed" finally walks in and says:

"Mmmm. Somebody making soup?"



Doesn't this donkey from BP look like good ol' Todd Packer? If only the real Todd Packer could have showed up to that meeting with Obama.

Packer would get Obama in a gregarious headlock and hilarity would ensue.


  1. Hey Czabe,

    What has two thumbs and thinks a nutless monkey could do a better job than Barry?

    THIS GUY!!

    Packer is great, but Creed is a GREAT bit character too. His one or two lines per episode are always classic.

  2. Where's Michael Snot? Sniffing some dude's thong?...Probably.

  3. The difference between a good sports personality (Czabe) and an awful one (Peter King):

    Czabe doesn't want to give spoilers away in Season 2 (which aired in 2005-06) on a blog post in 2010.

    Peter King on the other hand, spoiled the Season 5 finale on the ensuing MMQB column.

    And that is just another in a long reasons of why PK sucks and Czabe needs to be back on my national airwaves.