Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damn, Girl!

Serena Williams is recovering from a mysteriously "cut foot" that happened - she says - in a restaurant way back in July.

Her story, such as it is, goes like this: I cut both feet on top and bottom, walking out of a dark restaurant in Berlin, Germany. I don't know how it happened. Why it happened, who is responsible, or basically anything. I am not suing the restaurant, or filing charges, and I had to miss the US Open. But oh, well, I still got to host a cool fashion party wearing high heel shoes.

Uhhhhh huh.

Well, never mind all that nonsense, how about this smokin' hot picture of her with straight hair!

THAT's Serena Williams now?? Wowza!

I mean, she still has a 'Hood Approved caboose on her, and she'll chew your head to a nub if you call too many foot faults.

But look at her here. Spectacular.
I don't even know what she got done to look this good, but I say, keep on doing it!


  1. thick 'n' black, just like my coffee...welcome aboard, czabe...she's always been smoking hot, despite how all of the haters choose to portray her...she sat out the open because the USTA effed her over last year...pure & simple...this year's tournament was completely IRRELEVANT, and all because she wasn't there...just the facts

  2. it was nice of her to shave her mustache too

  3. Wasn't Lavar Arrington hitting that at one time?

  4. Czabe, she goes 200lbs all muscle...if that is sexy, your next snicky will be Ray Lewis...Serena is a scary looking shemale...