Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Thing Umpires Are Not Eye Doctors

Because they would likely push you out the door with coke bottle glasses saying.. "eh, that's close enough!"

How on earth can these guys be so fucking blind, as to MISS both a foul-ball vs. home run call last night (thankfully overturned) and yet also miss ANOTHER case of clear fan interference when Nelson Cruz almost has his GLOVE STOLEN by this mouthy poster boy for "Why I Hate Yankee Fans."

They ADD two umpires for the playoffs, whose ONLY job is to watch the foul line, foul, pole, and home runs for fan interference!

And they STILL can't do their job right!

Good grief. And when replay doesn't even look at the fan interference call, then why bother having it?

Luckily, the Yankees lost, and from a karmic standpoint, all is right with the world.


  1. Agreed, Czabe. As if the fact that he clearly interfered with the play wasn't bad enough, this guy was dancing, taunting, & giving him the ol' "#1" as well. What a moron.
    Example 4,567 as to why I root against the Yankees. Fans like that just don't deserve to have a team that successful.