Friday, October 8, 2010

"It's The Uncertainty, Stupid"

Charles Krauthammer crystallizes nicely just how staggeringly incompetent the Democrats are. Despite record majorities in both houses of Congress, they can't do shit. And yet, a good chunk of people will still go pull the lever for them next month.


Put simply: The Democrats have our nation's checkbook, ATM card, credit card, and on-line banking passwords. They have been bouncing checks like crazy. There are a dozen collection agencies calling us at all hours of the night. They are banging at our door.

And what do the Democrats do? Run away.

The rest of us are begging, pleading for some fiscal sanity. Hell, just some clarity would be nice. Are you going to raise taxes? If so, let us know, and we'll adjust accordingly. (You don't think were just going to sit there and take it in the face, do you?)

For the first time since modern budgeting was introduced with the Budget Act of 1974, the House failed to even write a budget. This in a year of extraordinary deficits, rising uncertainty and jittery financial markets. Gold is going through the roof. Confidence in the dollar and the American economy is falling -- largely because of massive overhanging debt. Yet no budget emerged from Congress to give guidance, let alone reassurance, about future U.S. revenues and spending.

As if this were not enough, Congress adjourned without even a vote -- nay, without even a Democratic bill -- on the expiring Bush tax cuts. This is the ultimate in incompetence. After 20 months of control of the White House and Congress -- during which they passed an elaborate, 1,000-page micromanagement of every detail of American health care -- the Democrats adjourned without being able to tell the country what its tax rates will be on Jan. 1.

It's not just income taxes. It's capital gains and dividends, too. And the estate tax, which will careen insanely from 0 to 55 percent when the ball drops on Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Nor is this harmless incompetence. To do this at a time when $2 trillion of capital is sitting on the sidelines because of rising uncertainty -- and there is no greater uncertainty than next year's tax rates -- is staggeringly irresponsible.

And no, the Republicans were not much better prior to losing the purse strings in 2006. But they weren't this bad. Not even close. So of course you have to vote to punish the Democrats for this spend-a-thon that has crippled the country's balance sheets. Of course you have to rout them in a manner which sends a generational message for the next 25 years.

And of course, you have to hold the new Republican congress by the throat to actually get something done when it comes to slashing spending, and canceling Uncle Sam's already over-leveraged credit cards.

It's no guarantee it'll get any better. But it can't get any worse. It is literally, our only hope.


  1. We're doomed regardless of who wins in November and are kids are even more doomed.

    Here's some funny/interesting news.

  2. Does the trillions of dollars committed by the previous Republican administration for the Iraqi boondoggle count as spending?

  3. The problem is Czabe that the GOP isn't promoting fiscally conservative/moderate government candidates. Too many R's are gay-bashing, muslim-hating, science-dismissing morons that try to wrap themselves in a flag of peoples' frustration.

    Sorry -- in a vote between an inefficient Dem and a hate-filled moron, the Dem wins.

  4. The economy wasn't in the dumps when the Iraq war was started due to stable leadership, and that Dem party helped a clan member(Robert Byrd) get elected for years. If your looking for bigots, look within.

  5. I love Czabe's sports talk, but his politics are in a different tax bracket than mine. I'm just glad the Democrats were in charge when our country was on the brink of collapsing. The Republicans would dress like a woman if it meant getting the last seat on a lifeboat.

  6. The Dems rammed health care down our throats, we'll shove it up their asses in November.

  7. Hey idiot...your President Obama and his "stimulus" bill (that went unread mind you) cost more than the Iraq war to date. Dip shit. Oh, and if you think it helped stabilize our recession was over in June of 2009...bill passed in March 2009. Riddle me that dumbass.

    And Bill, Pres. Bush was still "in charge" when our economy was collapsing...and by your logic thru his gov't intrusion by shoving US dollars down bank throats is actually what stabilized our financial system (thus by extension our Country). Now why do't all your pinheads just plan on Voting on Nov. you have done enough fucking damage already.

  8. Hey Bill, pinheads like you are precisely why we are in trouble. Lazy entitled morons who want a piece of someone else's success ("different tax bracket") voting for self-righteous corrupt demoncrats. Our country is closer to collapse now with our soaring deficit and out of control spending than it was before we were supposedly rescued.

  9. Your politics cost you your last job. Wise up.

  10. As usual, right on Czabe. Don't fear the George's of this world - speak truth.

  11. Uncle Sam is an asshole..... When you vote for the lesser of two evils you still end up with an evil douchebag who thinks he should be allowed to rule over you. Let's put Nobody in office in November..... it's not a matter of WHICH politicians are the problem. It's that all politicians are the problem. Let's stop getting at eachothers throats and get at theirs. All politicians sell economic privileges. So start fixing the system by going after them on that issue.

  12. I HATE THE DEMOCRATS! They have no backbone and let the Republicans bully them all over the place. When W took office the Country was in great shape, 8 years of W and we are in the worst recession since the 40's, in two unwinable wars, a surplus became a trillion dollar deficit, etc, etc. In two years Obama has and the Democrats have done a significant amount to correct these problems, incase anyone is watching the DOW hit 11,000 on Friday. Yet these wimpy Democrats act like they need to apologize for doing a good job. Dems grow a pair and stand up for yourselves otherwise we will end up in the crap as we were from 2000-2008.

  13. "Your politics cost you your last job. Wise up."

    The job at FOX Sports Radio? Really? FOX?!

    Michael, that surplus you referenced occurred while Republicans controlled the House and the Senate. Guess which branch the Constitution grants budgetary powers?

  14. "And no, the Republicans were not much better prior to losing the purse strings in 2006. But they weren't this bad. Not even close."

    A bit of rhetorical genius, that is...

    So they weren't much better, but they weren't even close to this bad. This is Peter King-esque writing. Stick to fart jokes that are tangentially related to sports. It's what you know.

  15. Right On, Czabe! Ignoring the complete idiots who have posted here (simply because you can only read a vomit bag so many times), we need true Constitution-enforcing leaders, regardless of party tag. Unfortunately, the once-proud Democrat (not Democratic) party sold out to society's leeches years ago, and mainstream Republicans have begun to do the same.
    Smaller, less-intrusive government (beginning with the money that we earned) is all that most of us are asking for.

  16. Lets send Obama to Venezuela with that other ass-hat where he can dictate as he wishes over meager peasants.