Monday, October 18, 2010

The Most Interesting Coach in The World

Les Miles vs. "Dos Equis Man"

>>He once played an April Fools joke ...on 92,000 people October
>> He once scored a TD on a fake FG, so 3 years later he added a bounce pass to it, just to see if he could
>> He is mentally challenged and still able to challenge you mentally
>> He has been undefeated in regulation (2007), and defeated in regulation (TN), while still being undefeated.
>> He drinks tabasco to warm up the ice in his veins.
>> The only man to ever lose to and defeat a 10-3 Defense at the same time.
>> He has never seen a glass half empty, only one he wants to be full.
>> He uses the word "want" as both a verb and noun in the same sentence.
>> He will build a lead at half and then let the other team come back just to make things interesting.
>> He once bought a thesaurus, just to throw it away.
>> He once simplified an offense that opposing defenses have already figured out...
>> His organ donor card also lists his hat...
>> He has never lost a game, he only finishes second.
>> He once recruited the top QB in the land, just to prove he could play wide receiver.
>> He can make comparisons about the excitement of reading books without ever having read one.
>> He recruits 5 star talent simply to keep other schools from having it.
>> His hat has turned down head coaching offers.
>> He hates the guy who doesn't make the coffee and complains about how it tastes.
>> He once lost in overtime, just to know what it felt like to be undefeated in regulation.
>> He manages the clock by forgetting it's even there
>> He has a want to get a guy more touches without actually wanting to get a guy more touches.

(Hat tip to Rob in Dothan, AL for this gem!)

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