Friday, October 15, 2010

Ride His Ass, Or He Can Ride The Bench

The fact that Gilbert Arenas is a responsibility-proof, needy, emotional child does not bother me.

We have known that for a while now.

What bothers me, is how the Wizards still coddle him.

Okay, so he lied to Flip Saunders about an injury, so his buddy Nick Young could get more playing time.


Fine. Whatever. This is what idiot athletes do. They fail entirely to grasp the exact how's and why's this is a very bad thing to do.

It's a bad thing to do because when a coach is told by a player that he is injured and cannot play, a coach must trust 100% that his player is being honest and respect that preventing further injury trumps any or all concerns about making a star player earn his millions on a given night.

Trust. It's a trust thing, Gil.

So guess what, you just violated that trust. For what? More attention?

Now, the next time you say your knee hurts - which given your surgeries, will probably be every 3rd night for the rest of your career - and that you can't play, who is going to believe you?

How will we know that you aren't just taking the night off to let John Wall score more points, or because you were up late feeding your pet bull sharks at home?

Now, every night you need off because of a LEGITIMATE injury issue, there will be a certain portion of the fan base who thinks you are once again, totally full of shit.

What good does that do your reputation?

But thinking more than 5 minutes down the road, has never been Gil's strong suit. To say this guy lacks the ability to see the "big picture" is the understatement of the year.

No, all of this is not enough to get me riled up.

It bothers me that the Wizards are not willing to RIDE HIS ASS over things like this. I mean, call him out LOUDLY and do so in public. Stop tip-toe-ing around Gil's fragile ego and emotions. What good has it done so far?

Suspend his ass. Hard.

If you want more of the same, keep doing what you have been doing. And apparently the Wizards want more of the same. Because to only "fine" him an "undisclosed" amount does nothing.

This is a guy who spent $1.5 million on his own 25th birthday party.

They fined him. A fine?


We are stuck with this guy for $80 million over the next four years. If you can't stomach cutting him loose, and cutting him that monster check, then stop treating him like he still holds all the cards.

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  1. Jackass...great player until he got paid. Dude has no heart, took his money and quit. Sorry Wizard fans.