Sunday, October 17, 2010

Train Wreck

The following from Mr. X, my baseball gambling fanatic, about how Ron Washington ... ahem... "engineered" .... the final innings of Texas' Game 1 debacle. Remember, Mr. X does have money on Texas in this series, FWIW.

Here was his scathing email to me....

Seriously ---forget my $...that was the worst F'n managing I've ever seen. EVER.
Herm Edwards needs to call Ron Washington - "You play to WIN THE GAME".
As he paraded out the END of his bullpen in the 8th, and left his 2 best RP on the bench - my txts were ringing loudly.
CA - says, "why is he throwing his bums?"
WI - says, "wtf is he doing, he's over-managing".
Most baseball 2nd guessing is crap. Leave Pedro in? Take him out? Tough calls.
This was stupid. He managed like it was JUNE! Ah, big lead, good time to get some other guys in?
You throw Ogundo in the 8th, Feliz in the 9th, you are up 1-0!
He parades out the end of his bullpen in this L/R crap, and you end up losing and NEVER USING YOUR TWO BEST RP to protect a lead?
No excuse. Just stupid.
Ahh, and it was all set up for CJ to win 1-5 and snatch that MVP.
I guess we're not allowed to call him stupid, right? Because ---well, you know why!