Saturday, October 2, 2010

Put A Fork In Him...

Who knows how many carries Clinton Portis gets Sunday against the Eagles. But I do know this: he likely won't get another 20-plus carry day in his Redskins career.

Not after Portis pulled the Robert Duran "No Mas" equivalent last week by diving against the Rams.

The story is convoluted, but if you care to sort it out, Dan Steinberg does a decent job here in his DC Sports Bog.

Basically, it all adds up to needless fake "intrigue" about Portis' "role" now with the Skins.


He's cooked. You don't see the grill marks?

A running back taking a full on DIVE in the OPEN FIELD is utterly unheard of in the NFL. And if you are paid like an "elite back" (Portis has CASHED over $50 million from the Redskins ALONE!) you break these runs to the house!

An elite back finds a sliver of daylight, charges through it, and then starts mashing every X-button, right trigger, Playstation-silly move he has to keep the yard meter running.

And yet here was Portis. Shanahan said he had an ouchy on his wrist. Portis said he was coached to do it that way.


I know most Redskins fans with rudimentary Adobe skillz aren't buying it. Here are a few of my favorites.

Here's the full gallery of Photoshop spoofs, for your enjoyment.


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