Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, I Think We Can Say We Know His 'Type'

Brett Favre's heavily protected image - Peter King and ESPN have been like Saddam's Republican Guard - is about to get laid out like the infamous Chuck Bednarik hit on Frank Gifford.

There's no way out on this one, especially when Favre's best answer to "Junkgate" is "that it will take it's course."

Oh, that, it will.

And there's likely no happy ending at the end of it all.

Best case - and let's admit this is a fantasy - is that somehow the investigation unearths an exonerating smoking gun (elaborate Deadspin hoax?) and the NFL clears him fully.


He somehow presses through this major distraction, and gets healthy as the season wears on. Randy Moss starts providing instant dividends, and the Vikes rally to win the division.

That's a pretty tall order, isn't it?

More likely, Favre will have to issue a blanket mea culpa, that admits to the least amount of guilt possible. The NFL will probably wuss out and fine him only - no suspension - and he'll limp through the rest of the season, with his head swimming with guilt and distraction, taunting signs at every road game.

The Vikings will struggle to 9-7, and either miss the playoffs, or get bounced in the first round, and Favre can slunk back to Mississippi forever, confident that Ryan Longwell and his "Band of Brothers" won't ever come back looking for him again in August.

But then, there's the "big dream" if you are a Favre hater, and think this douchebag deserves the ultimate career "crash and burn."

It goes something like this.

The Favre allegations and evidence only gets WORSE in the next few weeks, and he has to admit to essentially all of it. The NFL, caught in their suddenly pious stance on women in the workplace (Inez Saenz) is forced to suspend him.

Rather than have the inglorious and indelible wikipedia footnote of "Brett Favre's consecutive games played streak was ended by a league suspension over photos of his penis being sent to a Jets sideline reporter", he'll just quit.

What does he care?

Any notion that this narcissistic me-first asshat cares about others, should be thoroughly debunked by now.

He doesn't.

The Vikes get crushed tonite. Favre plays like ass. Quits by Wednesday, and the legacy has turd stains that never fully go away.

If you hate Favre, that could happen. You just gotta dream a little.

Speaking of dreaming... I've collected some of the interweb's finest Jenn Sterger pics.

You are welcome.



  1. I've seen sexier implants on a 90 year-old after a double mastectomy.

  2. Where were the comments and outrage when this first came out months ago??? It wasn't game week then, huh czabe??

  3. Who gives a shit if Favre sent some pictures of his junk to this whore? Nobody cares about Favre anymore and zero about this implant.

  4. I am pulling for the big dream. Here's hoping that this thing snowballs into a Tiger Woods magnitude scandal. It would serve this flaming douchelicker right.

  5. Looks Like Ted Thompson was right after all. Favre was, is, and will always be the ass monger. Now if we could find pictures of Ted Thompsons junk, maybe he would leave Green Bay and land in Minnesota too. That way the Packers are guaranteed at least two wins a year.

  6. Time to drop it, Czabe. You've become obsessed and boring about this. Move along.

  7. Steve, the morning whining bitch (AKA) Packers' ass wipe. Stephen is right, you are a boring little bitch that needs to be smacked upside the head.

    If you are wondering about the Vikings first play. Moss was supposed to throw it down field, dummy.
    Leave Brett and the Vikings alone.

  8. Standards have dropped to the point where guys are hyperventilating over this girl? A thin girl with an average face and bad fake boobs gets this much attention and has a career? This story is depressing on many fronts.

  9. you guys must all be married to supermodels... and odds are most of your saggy man breasts are ALMOST as big as hers, is that why you are hating on her chest?

  10. Steve, you, as we all know, a classic ass wipe, have repeatedly used to praise Brett time after time, for years during the B & B morning show. I don't get this obsession and hatred towards him now-- what a hypocrite. B & are probably wondering what a hell is wrong with this little bitch, you.

  11. Wow.

    First and foremost, if I thought Czabe was an ass wipe, I wouldn't read his blog posts, or listen to him..... not sure why so many here apparently hate Czabe but can't stop listening.....

    Second, Favre is proving, time and again, that he lacks the morals and ethics I thought he had. Maybe that makes me wrong for thinking so highly of him, when he was the Packer's star QB. But quite frankly, at this point, I can't stand him.

    And again, people are hyperventilating over this for the same reason why they hyperventilated over Tiger -- no one saw it coming.

    What makes this more of a story is the fact that more and more of it keeps slipping out. If Favre wanted it over -- there's one simple way of doing so -- tell his side of the story. That would kill it off in a few days, and we're back to football.

    But, again, as time has proved -- Favre likes the limelight. Even if it makes him a complete and utter douchebag.

    Oh -- and cool running -- sure hope you never change your opinion of someone. "First impressions"? Make them "only impressions", donkey.

  12. Matt, I take it you are Steve's bitch.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I am with Matt on this one, so I must be a bitch too huh? Way to talk smack using a keyboard. The only thing you do better than that is being wrong.
    "If you are wondering about the Vikings first play. Moss was supposed to throw it down field, dummy."
    He did throw it down the field, just neglected to pay attention to one of the simplest rules of the game where you can't throw a forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage. It's stupidity is worth note, regardless of the parties/team involved.
    "I don't get this obsession and hatred towards him now-- what a hypocrite."
    He's accused of sexually harassing a fellow employee of his football organization; that hasn't EVER happened with him, hence the hatred toward him now. Thanks for paying attention. IF it's true (which only a few people really know), then he should have to pay the price, regardless of what team he plays for now.
    "B & are probably wondering what a hell is wrong with this little bitch, you."
    ...which is probably why they talk to him everyday and travel out of state to visit him. Sounds like someone is jealous? Awww, do you want to have Bob and Brian visit you? Is that what this is about??

    To let your pile of wrong go unchecked wouldn't be fair to anyone.

    On another note, if anyone wants to hear something funny, check out the radio call (the famous Paul Allen of KFAN) of the INT:

  15. Eric,
    This obsession and hatred started and has been going on since last year, which is well before this incident has recently surfaced.

    so get it through your head.

    Thanks for admitting you are also Steve's BITCH.

  16. Cool Running -- your arguments would be more compelling if you didn't write like a ten year old child would like to talk.

    Favre has been breeding hatred for the following reasons:

    1) Retirement. He can't make up his mind. Period. He'd be better off just saying to the world, "I love football so much, I intend to play until my arm falls off." (Which, from the sound of the tendonitis, may happen soon).

    2) Benedict Favre. He spent 18 seasons with the Packers, building a name for himself and returning the Packers to glory, only to skate out of town, bend the rules, and go to the hated Vikings. Of all teams, the Vikings.

    Regardless of the reason, a large number of Packers fans will hate him for this. It's basically a big F-U to all the fans, regardless of his intentions.

    3) He lies. He's said there's no tension/problems between him and Childress, where his teammates say otherwise. He says that he's retired, and all of a sudden three players are bringing him back for the season. He says he isn't in it for the money, but he takes it anyways.

    4) He's sending pictures of his junk to women he'd like "to stop by and visit". This is behavior I'd expect out of a young player. This isn't to say I'd respect the younger player either -- just that it's worse when you're soon to be a grandfather.

    For all these reasons and more, he shouldn't be surprised if people don't like him. He isn't the QB we thought he was -- perhaps that's our fault for thinking highly of him.

  17. Matt,
    Again, thanks for admitting you are also Steve's BITCH.

  18. Quick, better log off before your mommy sees your foul language and washes your mouth out with soap!

  19. Matt,
    Again, thanks for admitting you are also Steve's BITCH.

  20. Cool Running -- did you run out of arguments? Do you lack the ability to intelligently respond to my earlier post as to why there are those who despise Favre? Or are you a broken record, doomed to repeat your childish profanity in an effort to make yourself feel good?

  21. Matt,
    Again, thanks for admitting you are also Steve's BITCH

  22. Why don't you two just suck each others' dicks already?