Sunday, January 9, 2011

Andray Blatche Understands Exactly How The NBA Works

"Our record shows that we're a bad team, but we're not a bad team. I mean, every game we lose, it's in the fourth quarter."

- Wizards F Andray Blatche, whose team is currently 9-26.

He also helpfully set Wizards fans straight on the issue of his amorphously soft and un-inspiring body for a big man, saying "When I do lift, I'm the type of person, I don't see results at all. I mean, I tried everything, man."

And don't expect him to play in the post either. If you wanted Shaq, you should've gotten Shaq.



  1. Sounds like the Albert Haynesworth of the NBA.

  2. Guys like this who can hang around in the NBA serve as proof as to how lame the overall talent level is and how the league has gotten worse over the years, not better. Can you imagine this kind of guy in the NFL, MLB or the NHL? The best high school offensive lineman/running back/quarter back in the country would get laughed at - and pummeled in the NFL - and yet turds like this guy make the jump from high school to the big time.