Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words, Photoshopped Ones, Worth 10,000 Words

I've been collecting some various odds and ends this week, in the wake of the NFC Championship game. So, here we go...

The bear sprained its knee halfway through the woods, took a seat on a log, then asked a moose to continue being chased by Matthews until caught.

Not only did these Bears fans go home losers, they had a long night of scraping paint out of their belly buttons.

Retirement papers, whatever! Never underestimate this douchebag. It could happen!

This picture is unfair. To cheerleaders! I've seen those girls keep cheering with WAY worse than what Cutler had!

The court will allow this one, however, to be entered into the record.

This too, can be yours from Get on it!


  1. Did Cuntler make it through the censors at NFL Shop?

  2. one of the best questions ever asked, lmao

  3. further proof Gutless is a worthless POS: