Friday, January 28, 2011

It Won't Be A Super Bowl Without Cage Dancers!

Even though "JerryWorld" is less than 2 years old, it has undergone a significant makeover in advance of the Super Bowl.

They have added seats all through the open "standing room only" areas in the stadium, created and sold tickets for an outdoor viewing pavillion (soldout the 5,000 lawn tickets at $200 a pop!) put more lights and spotlights on the overhanging "JerryTron", and of course replaced the Dallas Cowboys star with the NFL Shield.

Still, I wonder: what about the vaunted Cowboy cage dancers? Please God... er... I mean, Jerrah!, don't let the NFL strong arm you into taking down this most awesome piece of American and Texas Redneckicana!


  1. How about that...I had no idea Verizon was the nation's most reliable network...

  2. No cage dancers will be a sure sign that the terrorists have won.

  3. Poor guy, you got to go to Dallas to cover the game and its not warm enough for you....wahhhh. It's supposed to be like 62 degrees game. Suck it up Nancy. Peter King was pulling this same tired line in his article today. You are getting paid to go the city with the super bowl and party it up and you have the balls to bitch to us about the weather? Blows my mind. It's not like there aren't in door strip clubs and parties to attend.

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