Monday, January 17, 2011

The Important Thing, Is Don't Take Your League Too Seriously

I know of a guy who is in a fantasy league where the last place loser has to travel to this far-away, totally off-the beaten path city in Minnesota, ON THE DAY OF THE SUPERBOWL and get a picture in front of a TV showing the game!

By himself.


I always thought was insane, and extreme. Until now....


Those who think their fantasy football league is hard-core need to check out Spud Mann's new tattoo.

It's a sparkly-horned, red-maned unicorn leaping to kick a football over a rainbow. There's a little red heart on the unicorn's haunch. Beneath the fanciful scene, Mann's thigh reads, “FANTASY LOSER.”

“It's pretty epic, I'll tell you what,” said Mann, who earned the tattoo by finishing last in his fantasy football league.

The Omahan and his nine buddies in the league had made a pact. The last-place finisher had to acquire a tattoo of the league champion's choosing.

So, while other fantasy league losers were drowning their tears in beer and buffalo wing sauce, Mann hiked down to Grinn & Barrett Tattoo on Jan. 7 and hiked up his pants leg.

A deal is a deal.


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