Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Asterisk

Congrats to Auburn for a helluva season, and a "National Championship" that can never be taken away, because the NCAA refuses to own, administrate, or dictate terms of an actual Division IA playoff.

Oh sure, the "National Championship" can be tainted, asterisked, or otherwise diminished if very damming information comes out about Cam Newton, his father, or other recruiting violations.

But it's done. They won. Fair and "square" - at least as "square" as it'll get in the good ol' SEC.

Best damn football conference in the land. Even I won't dispute that. And "clean" is a matter for your conscience. Nothing more.

It was like Auburn made a calculated decision to run the gauntlet. And when the confetti was raining down on Newton and the Tigers, it reminded me of the stereotypical scene in a bank heist movie, where the credits roll as the protagonist appears on a yacht sailing into the sunset.

He got away with it.

Sometimes they do.

Or, they were as clean as they said, all along. Only time will tell. In the meantime, the immense financial windfall from this championship will be carved up and monetized by Auburn like a giant buffalo brought home from the hunt.

Tonite, they eat.


  1. The best championship money can buy.

    TMBADQ- if the NFL institutes a rookie salary cap, will Cam have to take a pay cut when he gets drafted?

    I'm not sure who the bigger joke is in regards to rule enforcement on a whim- the NFL or the NCAA. Both are laughable at best.

  2. and so a guy who tried (and maybe succeeded) to squeeze 6 figures out of a school in exchange for his services gets to hoist the BCS trophy, but a kid from Turkey who's family tried to maintain their son's amateur status (though not very well) so that he could play college basketball in the US is told to go pound sand.

    Well done NCAA, you look like (and are) a bunch of asshats.

  3. Czabe
    I heard you mention Chizik (sp?) seemed defiant during the post game celebration last night...Perhaps he knows something that we don't know about the NCAA's investigation and is waiting for the other shoe to drop....

  4. To steal a line from Formula 51:

    "Rules are like, arbitrary, man....."

    They should just call them what they are -- guidelines.

  5. "Clean" on the field?
    I wt into the game not caring who one. I hate the Oregon uniforms, but I soon hated Auburn for all their cheap shots and over-aggressive tactics. then there was the one-sidedness of Mussberger and his stooge, making it soud like Auburn deserved a championship and theu just picked Oregon to play because they were the first ones available.

  6. Did anyone notice Lee Corso doing the coin flip. Then the camera showing a shot of the crowd all clad in team colors, except for one guy wearing a white tee with "CORSO SUCKS" in big bold black letters!
    I LMAO!!!

  7. Man, the most suprising thing about last night was how the Auburn SEC-tested DL had their way with the glitzy and glammy Oregon OL

    I cant remember Auburn really having such a dominant DL in league play at all over he last 2 years, which leads me to believe the SEC must just have awesome line-play all around.

    The pro scouts tend to agree.

    The SEC is #1 producer of DBs (and #1 in both CB and S), DLs (#1 DE, #1 DT), OLs (#1 G, #2 OT, #4 C), and RBs (#1 RB, #1 FB). #3 in LBs, and #4 in QB and WR (#1 WR, #4 TE).

    The SEC has almost 50% more DL in the league than the #2 conference (ACC). For all the speed and talent everywhere else on the field,

    I think this is why the SEC has won 5 straight national titles, 6 of the last 8, and is 7-0 in the national championship game against the best-of-the-best.

    Interesting that most of the top teams in overall rankings have either played for the National Title recently (or at least a BCS bowl) or have fired a Head Coach recently (Miami, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida State, Maryland, and Notre Dame)

    Richt, Tedford, and Ferentz better watchout...

    Count of PLAYER Count of PLAYER
    SCHOOL Total Conference Total
    1. Miami (Fla.) 45
    1. LSU 45
    3. Texas 43
    4. USC 42
    5. Ohio State 41
    6. Georgia 40
    7. Tennessee 38
    8. Florida 36
    9. California 33
    9. Michigan 33
    11. Oklahoma 32
    12. Florida State 31
    13. Iowa 30
    13. Nebraska 30
    15. Penn State 29
    15. Maryland 29
    17. Notre Dame 28
    17. Auburn 28
    19. Purdue 27
    20. Alabama 26
    21. Michigan State 25
    22. Virginia 24
    22. Georgia Tech 24
    24. Oregon 23
    25. Mississippi 23

  8. i couldnt help but notice cam newton with the same "i got away with it" smirk on his face after the game. no true emotion, but rather disbelief

  9. Brent's TD call -- only problem was they didn't score on this play, or the next four.


  10. S.omeone

    Seriously though, I'm going to have to stop watching college football. It's just one injustice after another. At least the NFL is a level playing field (same money available to spend on players, playoffs, etc). College football is now just about who cheats the best and has the love from the voters.

    Biggest fraud in sports.

  11. Noticeably absent was Cecil Newton....or not??


  12. The SEC is the Yankees of college football ...

    Because they have the highest payroll, it is a surprise if they don't win.

  13. WAR EAGLE BABY!! Y'all can keep hating, but we will keep winning. I am sure most of you are ACC fans. Don't worry, it's almost March and you can have your time.

  14. I am actually a Stanford fan ... you know a school that actually has classrooms.

    War Eagle into 10 lost scholarships, 2 years of no bowls, and a stripped national title. Hope you had a good night.

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  16. What exactly has Auburn been found guilty of, Edge? The most memorable thing in your miserable school's history is a damn trombone player getting KOed while you were in the midst of LOSING. Enjoy your classrooms, we'll enjoy our money and our championships. All you can do is give a player the opportunity to go to school....if he embraces that opportunity, GREAT. if not, he better make the NFL or get used to swinging a hammer. WAR EAGLE!

  17. BKS

    I guess you don't know about names like John Elway, Jim Plunket, Bill Walsh. (Or that fact that the last 2 years the Hieshman runner up is from Stanford)

    I am guessing the precentage of football players post graduation (um, I mean post college) who swing a hammer for a living is higher at Auburn than Stanford. And of the 20 or so scholarship players leaving school a year at both schools, 2-3 Auburn players are getting a shot at the pros vs. 1-2 from Stanford ....

  18. Who are a buncha people who never won a NCAA championship for 500, Edge?

    I graduated and have a great career...if those players don't....I don't care. And my apologies...you have more lumberjacks..they provide the wood which receives the nails that are driven by those swinging hammers.

  19. ALTHOUGH, I did like Toby for Heisman!!!! (And I am not joking!) That dude was a BEAST!!!

  20. BKS -

    Love the lumberjacks comment. Also, that you realize Aubrun football players are on a different "academic" program than regular students.

    Enjoy your title, for now. (See Czabes post about Auburn's payment scheme ... it's going to be ugly. Not that many of the other schools in the country arn't doing the same thing, this time the FBI is asking the questions and not the NCAA. Tough luck on that ...)

  21. Edge!

    Nice bantering with you bro!!! have a great one and enjoy THE CZABE!!!