Thursday, March 3, 2011

At Least The Band Will Be Playing As The League Sinks

Please note this photo. It is of a generic meeting room, at a non-descript hotel in not-so-glamourous Chantilly, VA.

Yes, the NFL saw fit to make sure somebody was in charge of shipping, mounting, and installing the giant, 8-foot illuminated NFL Shield - just so they can sit around and run this $9 billion tanker into the rocks while looking super official.

This picture says it all.

The ship is going down. But the band will play, and the emperor's official logo shall be given prime placement for this disaster.


  1. So, that must be Roger Godell there, rearranging the deck chairs?

    How about a song to go with that?

  2. at least a federal judge said yesterday the owners CAN'T GET their illegaly-bargained-for TV money during the lockout so all sides will be in negative-cashflow-ville during this implosion... but hey, at least there's now full contact jousting to fill-the-void this September...

  3. It's nice to see Czabe and his lemmings carrying on the ultra-negative position again regarding the NFL (and all other matters). Maybe you narrow minded "Fans" should run the NFL since you know it all.

  4. Hey Czabe How about commenting on the fact that the Federal Mediation Board involved in this dispute is a FREE service. Why are we giving things to billionaires??

  5. Hi Czabe: I've been thinking about your comment stated on Bob and Brian about adding an extra bye week and an extra playoff team rather than adding 2 meaningless regular season games to the NFL. I think you're on the right track but even more could be done to add to your plan:

    My thoughts on increasing profits for the NFL without losing the beauty of 16 regular season games.

    1. Add 2 more play off spots. The top two seeds will no longer have a first round bye, but instead will be fed the two weekest teams so they can stay sharp and this add two more important games to add profits to the NFL. Instead of 4 games on Wildcard weekend, we would have 6. This also ensures that teams with 10-6 records aren't out in the cold.

    2. The NFL should have 3 bye weeks in the season. The first bye occurs during week 4 and 5, the second occurs during weeks 8 and 9, and the third occurs at week 12 and 13. Schedule division rival match ups during the bye weeks so interest remains high during the week a fans favorite team is resting. Having 3 byes lengthens the season, allows players to get healthy, and fans will still have interesting football to watch (their division rivals) during the off week and it will lengthen the season into February as if they had 18 regular season games. Win/Win for everyone.

    3. Schedule Thursday night games every Thursday night from the beginning of the season rather than waiting until after Thanksgiving. We crave football, we will watch it. Sell those Thursday night packages to the three big networks. These new Thursday night games are more games we will watch and would have otherwise missed had they been scheduled on Sunday. Remember, now teams have 3 byes to recover during the season...

    4. Start the regular season in October: I love football but September is a pretty beautiful month; I don't like to trade one of the last beautiful Sundays of the year for a football game. Instead move the pre-season to September where it will gain more interest and then we'll all be ready to settle in for some real football when the weather starts to get cold. This will further push the season into February/March where there is truly nothing for us to do but wish we had more football.