Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cink Stink Leads to Tweet Retreat

File this one under... "told ya...."

Stewart Cink decided to get a little lubed up, and crack back on Bob Huggins and Tiger Woods, via his favorite social media tool, Twitter.

@stewartcink: UK took it to WVu today, huggy bear is a drunk!! You see elin’s mansion for 10 million? Wow, expensive tale tiger got!

Errr... wait. No he didn't mean to crack back on Huggy and Cheetah via Twitter.... he thought he was just TEXTING that blast to a friend!


Luckily for Cink, nobody really gives a shit about what that skillet-headed, slow-playing bore-fest thinks. And yeah, I know he's got 1.2 million followers, but really....

Of course, he quickly took the Tweet down (too late, chump, screengrab!) and then apologized - sort of. He didn't say he was sorry for the blast, just that it wasn't meant for the entire interwebs.

Good thing for Cink too, that he's an independent contractor, and can't get suspended by the Tour, not that this level of shank would merit such a thing.

But mark my words, the day is coming when something worse gets "texted to the entire internet" and that person doesn't get off so easy.

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