Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh... my... god.....

Tiger Woods is lost. Hopelessly lost.

Just look at this picture, and think about it. Here's the world's greatest modern player (post Nicklaus) walking the fairways of a mostly wide open layout, spraying the ball like a 12 handicapper, looking at video of his swing with a somewhat eccentric, flavor-of-the-month Tour-guru instructor with about 3 notable players on his resume.


Here's the money quote from the full story by Jeff Ritter.

The two men marched the fairways at the Blue Monster in lockstep, chatting constantly during the nine-hole session. Foley frequently unsheathed a camera to film Woods's swings, many of which produced staggeringly wayward shots. If it's true that you practice how you play, then it appears unlikely Woods will end his winless drought this week at the WGC-Cadillac Championship.

On the 18th, Tiger's final hole of the day, Woods yanked back-to-back tee shots into the lake — after the first he smiled, after the second he remained stone-faced — before pushing a third tee ball into the right rough. In a scene that played out numerous times throughout the morning, Foley then showed Woods some images from his camera, Tiger nodded several times, and the two men headed down the fairway together.

Honestly, I am just a few missed cuts away from actually feeling SORRY for the guy. And I never thought I would say that, about Eldrick the Unrepentant. 



  1. He'll get it back. Maybe not the game, but the exclusive women

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  3. Hey Czabe, why don’t you volunteer to be Tiger’s “Life Coach”? You could teach him to lighten up some aspects of his life and tighten up his golf game by getting him some competent help. You could be his front man and line him up with some grade ‘A’ Stuff instead of the skanks he rustled up by himself. After his life is back in order and he’s winning golf tournaments, I’m sure you’ll get the well deserved $50 Tip. But just think of the $$$ a tell-all book would bring. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your radio duties, I think you should go for it!