Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behold, Kegasus!

Without question: Best... fucking... mascot... EVAH!!!!!

The mascot called "Kegasus" introduced Tuesday urges those coming to infield at Pimlico Race Course to be legendary, a reference to the infield's reputation for hard partying. The May 21st Preakness is the second leg of racing's Triple Crown that also includes the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. 
Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough says he is disgusted with the campaign. The lawmaker who represents Baltimore and Harford counties says Kegasus is infantile and creates a negative image.
Of course, you can complain all you want as a politician about something that doesn't portray the event in a "positive light" but come on, let's just go with the truth on this one. The Preakness is known for two things.

1. Running the Porta-Potties and risking severe brain damage by way of a full Bud Light can at 90 MPH.

"The Running Man" doesn't have shit on this real life suicide run!

2. Being so shitfaced, you decide to try to punch one of the horses as they come barrelling down the backstretch.

Swing... and a miss!

There, that's it, that's the list.

And now, we have "Kegasus" a mascot who is indeed, the perfect embodiment of all things rural Maryland, and drunken twenty-something idiocy.

Bravo, ad agency! Well played!

Well hung, shirtless, and with a mullet. What more could a gal from
Timonium want?


  1. It's not even original. This looks like the "Old Spice " commercial from last year.

  2. Dude's not as portly as I would have imagined. But that's pretty funny.

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