Monday, March 7, 2011

Now, That's A F***ing TIGER!

My good buddy Andy Pollin just got back from his South Africa safari/junket, and he was telling me enthusiastically that he "saw two tigers!" He said they were no less than 15 feet from the side of their safari vehicle.

I said: "Whoa..whoawhoa. Tiger? TIGERS?"

I know Africa doesn't have Tigers. Andy, well, he hasn't seen as many nature shows as I do.

Lions, while relatively bad-ass, ain't no tigers. Tigers do shit like this. And in the wild, they are very sneaky, and will stalk and hunt prey for miles and days at a time.



    A tiger, in Africa?

  2. He probably meant he saw a "Liger", a mix betweeen a Tiger and a Lion bred for it's skills in magic. It's pretty much my favorite animal.

  3. In the war of animals vs. man, we will clearly have to watch for the tigers. that tiger is one bad mofo. It doesn't care about the elephant, it just wants the man meat

  4. Funny. We want tiger blood and they want ours.

  5. @ whatschappingmyass: Your mom goes to college!