Friday, March 11, 2011

"It's The Michigan Man!"

Not sure what's better, Iron Mike confusing "Michelin Man" with "Michigan Man" or his declaration that there's "nothing worse than a fat coke head."


Ellen should win an Emmy for the line: "You don't have to tell me..."


  1. I actually am rooting hard for Iron Mike. I know he has done some awful things, and i certainly am not excusing him for any of it, but he has also had more hardship in his life than he deserved, starting as kid.

    I hope and pray he stays clean and surrounds himself with people who love him not for his fame or money, but for him.

  2. It's funny and sad that the cast of the Hangover had no problem working with Iron Mike, but threatened to walk off the set when Mel Gibson was cast as the Tattoo Man in the Hangover 2.

  3. Wait, he is clean? During that interview? Or was he clean for two years up until that interview, or shortly before it???!!!???

  4. @sal m: Pre Hangover those dudes had probably zero input on casting, after starring in the #1 R rated comedy of all time they have "hand" and could pick and choose their co-stars.

  5. I am just amazed that Mike is still alive.
    And disappointed that Ellen is.
    Ever notice how Vegans have to tell everyone they are Vegans? Nobody cares but them.

  6. Whoa, unanticipated drive by hate. I love the smell of blind anger in the morning.