Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"The Cindy Zone"

I'm going to keep banging you people to watch the Onion Sports Dome on Comedy Central, until it's the #1 show in America!

Here's a story that must have half of Bristol, CT either squirming uncomfortably, or laughing themselves wet in the pants.


  1. I think the anchor guy on the right is the Optimum (cable company in NJ, NY, PA)spokesman in commercials on TV.

  2. Not that funny. What was funny?
    "Derek Jeter Rejects Move To Outfield By Reminding Yankees That He's Derek Fucking Jeter",19407/

  3. I always like to hear Czabe reference an Onion video on Bob & Brian. Maybe not every video is a slam dunk, but on the whole they produce comedy gold with some of the best and most clever writing around. Also, the actors are brilliant with their dead-on spoofs of mainstream television personalities. And then the graphics also get in on the act. Genius stuff, IMHO.